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If I send an email from hotmail to, and, it comes into our global account and then is downloaded by the SmartPOP2Exchange, but it delivers the email to but not to the others.My log files has the following information:Sleeping for 179 secondsDelivered 1 message(s) successful and deleted them on serverStarting download of message 1 (2.49 KB) from ' 'Delivering mail 1 with subject 'Another test email .... please ignore .... ' to ' 'Apply rules to mail 1 with subject 'Another test email .... please ignore .... 'Processing POP3 account ' ' on Server ' ' (account: 'Global ')Sleeping for 179 secondsI have got the Mail Backup check and "Replicate mails for each receipient in TO and CC of the destination domain (for catch all) " checked as well so why this is not working is very weird.Is there anything I can find out what is causing this issue?

It depends on where you put the mail addresses. If you use CC it should be OK, but when using BCC they may get lost.
See Catch-All accounts

I have just purchased this product and have retrieved the installation password. How do I enter it into the program without having to re-install the software?

As you can read in the FAQ of SmartPOP2Exchange / the FAQ of SmartPOP2Exchange this is not possible.
You need to install the new version over your existing. Your settings will be kept.

What format should the txt or csv file have for importing a series of POP3 accounts into SmartPOP2Exchange? I just need to know the sequence of entries in order to create the text file.

There is no special order required.
Simply export your data (account name, SMTP address[recipient], pop3/imap server, pop3/imapusername, pop3/imap password, imap mailbox) and start the import wizard of SmartPOP2Exchange.
The wizard will open your file and then you can assign the columns to the appropriate value.

We 're using the software at a customer 's site.We 're noticing that on win server 2003 the SmartPOP2Exchange takes about 14 mb of memory, but the smartpop2smtp component takes up about 150mb of memory, and is growing. This is huge and could choke the server. Can we do anything about it?

The service of SmartPOP2Exchange (SmartPOP2SMTP.exe) needs about 20-50MB memory depending on how much messages are processed and how big they are. But if you use the integrated ClamAV it needs about 120 MB minimum additionally. So theservice of SmartPOP2Exchange may take up to 200-300 MB memory.
You may run SmartPOP2Exchange on a different machine.

I just installed the Exchange 2003 and SmartPOP2Exchange. Now I am receiving the socket error 10053. What can I do?

A connection abort was caused by the server or some software in between (e.g. firewall, proxy). Try turning off any proxy (check if your antivirus software has a proxy) and firewall for testing anf finding the interfering proxy.

When SmartPOP2Exchange pulls IMAP mail, and you tell the software to leave mail on the server but mark it as "READ " this works fine. However, if you then access the IMAP server and set that read-marker manually to "NEW " so it goes back to INBOX, SP2E doesn’t pull this mail again.Even when "pull READ mail" is selected, the desired behaviour doesn’t happens. Does this software logs message IDs and then not reads the same message ID again?We are working with version 6.x.

Yes, SmartPOP2Exchange logs the message ID of successful delivered mails. So if you like mails to be delivered again you need to use the button "Reset history of successful delivered mails". But take care: all mails will be downloaded again depending on the setting "Download messages marked as 'read '".

If a mailbox is set to read every 60 seconds and it takes 180 seconds to complete a read, does it just wait another 60 seconds after it completes or will it start reading that mail box every 60 seconds resulting in 2 or 3 copies of the same mail because it is running 3 identical jobs at the same time, each one taking longer than 60 seconds to complete ?

When SmartPOP2Exchange needs more time than the interval allows that account will be directly process next turn again.
Youalso enter the max. messages to be downloaded from one account duringone turn. If three are more messages on to be downloaded as this max.value SmartPOP2Exchange will half the interval of this account for the next turn.
The download of mails SmartPOP2Exchange does is not parallel. So there will be not duplicate downloading of mails.
There are 3 accounts:
- Max messages: 10
1. account1 with interval 180 seconds
2. acoount2 with interval 60 seconds
3. account3 with interval 270 seconds

Account1: 5 mails
--time needed 10 seconds
Account2: 10 mails
--time needed 20 seconds
Account3: no mails
--time needed 2 seconds
#next turn
Wait 38 seconds
Account1: not in schedule (127 left)
Account2: 15 Mails --> process 10 --> set interval to 30
--time needed 20 seconds
Account3: not in schedule (197 left)
#next turn
Wait 10 seconds
Account1: not in schedule ( 97 left)
Account2: 6 mails
--time needed 15 seconds
Account3: not in schedule (172 left)
#Next turn

I installed SmartPOP2Exchange on my Exchange 2003 server. I use a catch-all POP3 account. I have got two problems:a. When I enabled the account to get the mail from the POP3 mailbox (on the Internet) and I send mail to e.g. (SMTP on my local domain) my POP3 fills with the same message every minute over-and-over again. Until I disable the account in SmartPOP2Exchange.b. The SmartPOP2Exchange seems to be downloading the messages, but no messages are delivered to the user mailbox on the local network.

This sounds like you entered the wrong server in the SMTP settings of SmartPOP2Exchange.
The server to be entered there is NOT the SMTP of your provider (this would create a loop). It 's the receiving SMTP/Exchange Server of your local network.

We have a catchall account which has a generic email address of Sometimes when SmartPOP2Exchange downloads emails, it missreads the TO: address as rather than Is there some setting I am missing?01/02/2008 09:09:27 WatchDog restarted Thread: 4293591031

No. As there does no standard exist for handling catch-all account every nearly providerhas a different behavior on its pop3/imap catch-all accounts.
So SmartPOP2Exchange is implemented to work with most providers.For getting the destination address in your AD SmartPOP2Exchange needs to parse the header fields of each mail it downloads from the pop3 catch-all account.
Therefore it examines the following headers:[ 'Received: ' ... 'for ']
[ 'envelopeaddress ']
[ 'X-Envelope-To ']
[ 'Envelope-To ']
[ 'delivered-To ']
[ 'RCPT-To ']
[ 'X-RCPT-TO ']
Depending on the server your mail was sent through its headers are different. Additionally your catch-all account provider adds headers to the mail.
These headers are very often wrong. (e.g. some add the name of the catch-all pop3account as X-original-to address)
In general we recommend not to use catch-all accounts as there are some constellations where mail gets lost which can 't be fixed with any pop3-connector.(BCC recipients)

I need to know, if there is an option to leave a copy on the POP-server, like Outlook does, lets say for 3 days?

As you can read in the help file and online help of SmartPOP2Exchange  Yes. You just need to use IMAP.

Can we install SmartPOP2Exchange on the same machine that is running Win Server 2003ST with Exchange 2003ENT?

Yes. SmartPOP2Exchangeuses the SMTP protocol to communicate with the SMTP/Exchange Server. So itmakes no difference installing SmartPOP2Exchange on the same machine like yourSMTP/Exchange Server or another machine as long as there is nothing in-between blocking the SMTP port.

I have SmartPOP2Exchange installed with a 10 users setup. I have noticed that the smartpop2smtp-process is constantly taking up about 50% of the cpu. Is there anyway to lower this?

The SmartPOP2Exchange itself does not use much CPU but the included SpamAssassin does.
The CPU usage also depends on how much mails are processed (max mails setting) and how big your message are.