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I am wondering how to set up an account with gmail? I enter the is that incorrect? it 's not working.

Thegmail SMTP settings can be found here: OutgoingMail (SMTP) Server - requires TLS: (use authentication) UseAuthentication: Yes UseSTARTTLS: Yes(some clients call this SSL) Port: 465or 587So youneed to change the standard port from 25 to 465 or 587 and enable SSL/TLS in the SmartSerialMail advanced SMTP server settings.

I have just upgraded to the latest version of the software. I have just a little problem with the subscribe and unsubscibe links.When I click on one of those links when I receive the email it doesn 't put the correct email address like seen in the point 6. Return and tab additional. It put simply Test as the email to send.... How can I change this to fit the correct email address.

The link can be adjusted in the HTML-source code of the mail after you inserted it in the content (step 3): Unsubscribe

Is it possible to copy and past pcitures into the email text instead of Inserting?Is it possible to copy past http links into when inserting links? or attaching a link to a picture?

Yes it is, but only if you copy from a "html-source" like your browser (Internet-Explorer, Firefox etc.)

I understand that it is possible to 'burst ' the sending of the emails but is it possible to schedule the actual sending of the email eg for 11pm perhaps using a command line and windows task scheduler?

I 'msorry, scheduled sending is not yet (V4.3) possible, but it is on our list fornew features for one of the next versions.

I kept getting a relay error after i sent 250 emails, error stated a i was over my relay limit. My ISP says i have no limit and can send unlimited emails. The email address i was using was a GO DADDY webmail email address.I am very happy with your program but can you help with this matter?

A relayerror has its origin on the SMTP server used for sending mails. SmartSerialMaildoes not have any limit.So ifthe server answers with a relay error you are either not authenticated or, likein your case, the server does have a limit.Soplease ask the administrator/provider of the SMTP server used for sending (again).Theremust be a limit, you can even send them your log of SmartSerialMail whichproves that there is a limit.

I tried sending mail and get the following message:Error: Could not send message. (sorry, that domain isn 't in my list of allowed rctp hosts (#5.7.1))

your provider seems to limit the domains to which he will send mail.
Please contact your provider with this error.

The product works great in sending out mail but Ican 't use it on the return mail cause I 'm using Exchange which will not allow me to set up a pop3 account. Is it possible to send return mail to a different account than the sender account? Or how can I utilize your return feature with Exchange ?

There are several options you have with an Exchange Server:
- you can activate POP3 for your account and then use it as described.
- you may enter a different address as reply-to address in the "1.Sender" options of SmartSerialMail

I can 't send to my recipients list.After my first attempt, my list marks a red cross to each entry.How do I deblock it and how do I sent my email to all my recipients?

You can "deblock" those recipients by changing there status to "unsent" in step 2. "Recipients".

This red cross indicates that there has been a problem when sending to this recipient. You should check the log for the exact error description and resolve that problem before resending. If the problem has been solved (e.g. missing image) you can send those messages by selecting "send" in step 5. "Send Mail"

I’m a registered user of SmartSerialMail. I wish to install it on a temporary computer and transfer program and data when the permanent computer becomes available. How do I "remove" the software from the temp one and install it to the new/permanent computer, without losing all my contacts information?

You can find the database files in your user profile. Depending on the version of Windows you are using this is either: On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\JAM Software\SmartSerialMailOn Windows Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\JAM Software\SmartSerialMailCopy the files in that directory into the directory on the new PC.All your settings/profiles/mail and lists will be available then.

Can I transfer all my smart serial mail content - mails, content, email address lists to another computer?


In SmartSerialMail Enterprise Edition you may use the "Backup Database" function to save your data. On the new computer you use the "Restore Database" function to restore your data.


How do we know whether the email is successful send or not?

When SmartSerialMail says, it has sent the mail, the SMTP-Server hasaccepted the mail for delivery. If it doesn 't get delivered, it mostlikely has been moved to a junk folder.

If the email is not send, is there any way of resending the failed emails?

If a mail cannot be sent, it is marked as "Error" to signal thefailure. If the problem has been fixed the status can be changed tounsent in step "2. Recipients" and resent.