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I can only use gmail smtp server successful. May I know, what other free smtp server that can be used, (such as yahoo, hotmail, netscape, AOL and etc). I have tried using yahoo and hotmail, but not successful. I wonder if it is because there are somethings wrong with the server setting. Can you give me some advice, what their setting are ?

You can find out the settings of different providers on the webpages ofthe providers. Please keep in mind that especially freemail providersare often blacklisted and mail comming from such sources are directlymarkes as junk.

I sometimes work at home. Can I use the same license at home that I will be using at the office or do I have to buy two licenses?

Yes, the license agreement of SmartSerialMail says, as long as you are the only one using SmartSerialMail you may install and use one license on up to 3 machines.

I 'm trying to send a bulk mailing to my Exhibitors - I 'm getting the following error message - "Error : Could not send message. (... Relaying temporarily denied. Cannot resolve PTR record for "Is this your error or have I screwed something up?

This is an internal provider error witth there mail server. Please consult your provider stating your problem.

While creating a message I have chance to enter the profile_signature field. But I can 't see how to add my signature to a profile.

You can find the signature on the content page in the Options.

When I try to test the connection with a SMTP server, I get the following error: socket error: 10060.I have checked everything but can 't get rid of this error.

This happens, if the serverdoes not respond your connection request in time. There are many possiblecauses for a delayed / not existing server reaction :- the server is unknown /server address is wrong or misspelled.
Check the servers address, try it’s IPaddress to be sure.- a virus scanner or a firewall proxy delays the requestto long.
Try to establish a connection, after disablingyour firewall and virus scanner. If this works,
enable oneapplication after another. When you have identified theblocker, add a rule that allows SmartSerialMail to send mail.- your internetconnection is too slow;- the server is overloaded;

Does SmartSerialMail allow me to use dynamic tags in the email body?For instance, when sending out a newsletter to my business clients, I 'd like to address my clients with a personal saluation, e.g. Dear {ClientName}.I even like to customise my mail in more places. E.g.: Dear {ClientName}, Please login to our site (hyperlinked as{ClientName}) with following username and password: Your username: {Username} Your password: {Password}For intance, when sending out a newsletter to my business clients, I 'd like to address my clients with a personal saluation, e.g. Dear {ClientName}.I even like to customise my mail in more places. E.g.:Dear {ClientName},Please login to our site (hyperlinked as{ClientName}) with following username and password:Your username: {Username}Your password: {Password}

Of cource it is possible to use "dynamic" tags(so-called "Templates"). If you have ClientName, Username and Password in your listof recipients, you can insert markers e.g. %username% and %password% into the message at any pointusing the "Insert Field" button on the page "1. Content".

How can I add a default value to a function, e.g. if I will insert the %first_name% tag in my message and some addressee has this field empty then i want to use the word "friend ". Where can I make/change this setting?

We are sorry, but this is currently not possible.
We have such a funtionality on our todo for version 4.4 or later.

I receive this error message : "Error : Could not send message. (You have exceeded message sending limit, and i will not accept any messages from you within 15 minutes) "Is it some kind of program limitation or something else?

This is not a limitation from SmartSerialMail. This is a typical provider limitation with a sending quota. e.g. Maximum 20 mail per hour. Please contact your provider and ask him for a different access. Alternatively use a different provider.

I have downloaded SmartSerialMail version 4.2.2, but every time I load up the program I get a warning box saying "SmartSerialMail Version 3x has been found on your system. Do you wish to import the data? This may take several minutes. "All older versions have been uninstalled and yet I still get this warning. How do I get rid of the warning so that the new version starts up correctly?

There are three things you can do.

1) Import the old data.
2) Copy the following lines into a new file and save it as "imported.reg".
After you have saved it double click that file.

---Copy after this marker---

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JAM Software\SmartSerialMail]
---Copy until before this marker---

3) Select "Never" in the drop down box.

I received error messages similar to "Could not add image: xxx " during sending of HTML mail.

Please ensure that thepath to the image is absolute as in "c:\images\aImage.jpg" and NOTrelative as in "aImage.jpg". Also SmartSerialMail does currently NOTsupport UNC paths like "\server1\images\aImage.jpg"

I am a registered user of SmartSerial Mail and I moved from WinXP to Vista on another machine. I re-installed the software but I need to recover my old settings. Where are they stored ?

You can find all your settings in a file namedssm4.mdb.This file is located in your WinXP userprofile.C:/Documentsand Settings/username/Application Data/JamSoftware/SmartSerialMail.Under Vista, lookhere :C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\JAMSoftware\SmartSerialMailIf you copy this file into thecorresponding directory on the new pc all your profiles, list of recipients andmail will be available again.

If I want to collect bounces, only very few bounces will be recognized as being bounces. How can I alter this behaviour ? Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Sent: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 09:50:11 +0100 Subject: my-subject The following recipient(s) could not be reached: Error Type: SMTP Remote server ( issued an error. hMailServer sent: RCPT TO: Remote server replied: 550 : User unknown

Most provider don’tadhere to standard formats for bounced mail, so the format of the bounce mailis the cause for not recognising a mail as bounced mail. There is very little wecan do about this fact, but if you send us a bounce notification you got inoriginal format as attachment, we will see, what we can do to provide correctidentification of this kind of bounces in the future.