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Can I connect SmartSerialMail to an Exchange Server ?

SmartSerialMail can beconnected to all SMTP servers, and so –of course – also to Exchange.

I have performed a mail sending for a customer of mine, and wanted the bounced mail to be returned to me. But instead the bounces were sent back to my customer. How can I avoid this failure in future ?

Bounces will alwaysbounce back to the FROM: -address of the mail. But you can insert your ownaddress into the FROM:-field and insert your customers address into theREPLY:-field of the mail.

A while ago, I 've downloaded and tested SmartSerialMail a little bit. Now, the company has a purchase decision to make, and I want to test the software once again. But the test period has expired… Is there any possibility to test the software a second time ?

Please contact our supportteam. We will provide you witha new key for a second test period.

How can I extract first name and/or last name from a subscription ?

If a email addresscontains a name, it will be listed fully in the "last_name" column of your list of recipients.

Can I import my MS Access tables together with my queries ?

As far as it concernsthe import assistant, there is no difference between a table or a query. If youimport from a mdb-file, you will find your queries as well as your tables.

Can SmartSerialMail deliver the mail directly to receiving mailbox?

Will be available in version4.5 or later. However, we can only recommend limitedly to use this feature ( cases of recipients with a static IP address), because the probability, thata mail sent this way is considered to be Spam, is increased drastically.

How can I delist a subscriber automatically, if I receive a unsubscribe mail from this subscriber ?

Please use the "unsubscription"function placed in step "6. Returns".For further information, please refer to the SmartSerialMail online help.

How can I provide a HTML-part replacement for my mail, in case the recipient can’t / won’t read HTML mail ?

SmartSerialMail offersthe option to convert an HTML mail automatically into ASCII text. You may alsodefine a substitute text for embedded images, if you want to. All thesepossibilities are available in the editor of SmartSerialMail in Step "3. Content". For further information,please refer to the SmartSerialMail online help.

I have no problems sending mail to small groups, but I get error messages, if I try to send mail to larger groups (e.g. 250 recipients). "SMTP Server error: Socket Error #100xx / #110xx. Connection reset by peer. ---"I know from former mailings, that the mail addresses are all valid.What does it mean ?

Although this errormessage could appear under many conditions, most the time -in the describedscenario- it simply means, that your provider limits the amount of email youcan send via this server in a certain period of time. E.g. you may send only 20mail messages every 20 minutes. Please ask your provider about the details ofthese limitations.

I've downloaded the demo / full version of SmartSerialMail, but I can send e-mail to addresses of my domain only. So just my colleagues ( will receive my mail messages; all other addresses result in the error message "Relay access denied". Why ?

"Relay access denied" means, your SMTP server restricts you tosending mail within your own domain. If this occurs, in most cases you haven’tprovided authentication for using this SMTP server or the server isill-configured. To provide authentication forusing the full SMTP service, open the dialog "Advanced SMTP Server Options" in step "1. Sender", activate the authentication ("Server requires authentication") and enter your username andpassword for the SMTP server.>/pIf this doesn’t work, ask yourservice provider, why the SMTP server restricts you from relaying

The connection test to freenet and addresses fails.Outgoing mail servers :

Almost all public / free SMTPserver demand authentication, so you have to activate this feature inSmartSerialMail and provide an user name as well as a password.Often, these servers are alsolimited to a certain amount of mail messages per session / connection. Youshould use the "Processing with a time delay" option in Step "1. Sender" for failure freetransmission of your messages.

How long does it take (on average) to send 10.000 messages ?

How long transmission will take depends on several factors, amongst others :"*The speed and load of your PC "*The speed and load of your internet connection (esp. the upstream rate of yourconnection"*The speed and load of the accepting email server (as well as potentiallimitations set by your service provider, e.g. 10 messages per connection) "*The total size of the message, including all images and attachments;"*Firewalls, anti-virus scanner and other proxies reading / filtering the datatransfer.Step "4. Preview"in the program will give you a rough estimation, how long your transmissionwill take, assuming an optimal internet connection.