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I'm using TreeSize Professional on Windows Vista: How can I enable the "TreeSize" column in the Windows Explorer which shows the size for each folder? This was available in Windows XP!

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide this extension for the Explorer of Windows Vista because Microsoft has removed a required interface from this version of Windows. Microsoft has officially confirmed that adding a similar extension for the Explorer of Windows Vista or higher won't be possible.

I was able to do file age statistics with 1 month, 1 day old etc. However, I would like to get some statistics for a specific date range. For eg. To run a query that just gives file statistics (number of files, total KB) in each directory / sub-directory with file creation date between Jan 1, 08 and Mar 31, 08. Is this feasible?

You can edit the intervals of the file ages in the Options of TreeSize. Filtering by a certain interval is not possible with TreeSize. But this is be possible with our products SpaceObServer.

Is there a way to turn off the pop up when I mouse over an object in the file view? I really don't need the info it provides and the box is rather large and obstructs my view while looking for something specific.

Yes, this pop up can be turned off under "Options > Directory Tree -> Show tooltips in Directory Tree".

Is it possible to get TreeSize to display only the "Recycle Bin" folders on a network drive?

Yes, this is possible by scanning the path "\\server\share\RECYCLER".

How can I have the same view like in "Top 100 files" view for more then 100 files?

You can increase the number of files that are included in this statistic under "Options > Top Files > Show the top X files".

You can also use the seach type "Biggest Files" of the TreeSize File Search. The results can be exported in different ways as well.

Scanning for duplicate files appears to be a very time and resource consuming task, making the whole computer unusable while it is performed. Is there a way to have it running silently in background, in low priority?

Please reduce the maximum number of threads and their priority at "Tools > Options > General > Search Engine".

After a custom search for files of a specific owner, how can I easily select all files and change their ownership?

You can select all files via the usual keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A, or via "Home > Select all" in the ribbon menu. Changing the file owner for all selected files can be done by clicking "Change file owner" in the right click menu of the result list.

After I ran the scan and received the results of the search I need to print the results. How do I print results or export them to file?

You can print, save or copy the list using the appropriate buttons in the menu bar or the right click menu.

I am a licensed user of TreeSize. Do you have a mailing list or newsletter to follow-up new versions? Do you send e-mail to your previous customers when you release new versions?

By default customers will be informed about new updates by email, unless this feature was deactivated in the personal settings of our customer's area. In addition to that, TreeSize regularly checks if there is an update available and notifies you about.

When I scan my C: drive, I get 1289Mb [files] at disk root. But when I explore c:\, I only see few files and explorer say 38.5KB. And 1,2GB are really used. Where are theses files ?

Most likely your Explorer Options are set to show hidden and system files. You can however see these files on the "Details" tab of TreeSize. You will probably find a very large file named "Pagefile.sys" there which is the swap file of Windows.

Until a week ago when I opened Treesize I saw a nice overview in the left side with all network drives and space left in percentage.

Unfortunately this overview has disappeared somehow. How can I make it visible again?

To activate the "Drives List" in the bottom left corner of TreeSize again, please click the "View" tab and ensure "Drive List" is checked in the "Show or hide" group.

Note: The Drive List features its own ribbon tab that becomes visible and active as soon as the Drive List was clicked. The ribbon tab provides various options that are directly related to the Drive List.

How can I move / transfer a TreeSize license to another PC?

First ensure that you have the TreeSize installer for the full version and your installation key. Both are available within your maintenance period in our customer area:

You can now uninstall TreeSize Professional on your old computer and install it on your new computer.

If you would like to move your user settings from your old computer to your new computer as well, please open the application (File) menu of TreeSize and open the sub menu of the "Options" dialog (small arrow to the right). In the sub menu, please select "Export". A dialog will open that lets you chose a target destination for the TreeSize settings file.

After copying the settings file to the new computer, open TreeSize and open the options sub menu again. Now click "Import" and select the settings file.