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How can i combine scan history from two different users into one?

Let the first user export his history through "History > Manage history data > Export to file". The second user then can import this file through  "History > Manage history data > Import from file", the data will get merged.

Is there any way to combine scans into one logical scan? For example, I would like to group C: and D: together for charts and reports. Kind of like a "Level 0 " I guess.

Yes, please use Tools > Group all scans in a virtual root.

TSP 5.2.3 works great in finding thousands of duplicate files, but how can I select the subset I want to delete other than one at a time?

If you want to keep the newest file of every group only, hit Ctrl+A to select all and then choose "Check all but newest" from the right click menu.

If you want to choose for each group of files individually which one to preserve, you obviously need to do this one by one.

An export to Excel might also be helpful if there are other criteria by which you want to decide which files to delete. Excel 's Auto Filter is a good tool to filter the list of files.

I am a registered user of Treesize Pro. 5.2.2I would like instructions how to search for filenames in a folder called ARCHIVE, which (together with folder name) have a length of over 240 characters.

Please deactivate all search types except the custom search, on this tab add the pattern *\Archive\*.* to the file name patterns (as the only one which is checked) and on the "Size Attributes" tab set "Full path longer than" to 240. After checking the drives to search on the "Scan Options" tab hit "Start".

I had two questions. 1. Can Treesize Professional search by groups of machines? multiple unc path search. I want to be able to search without adding every unc path of a workstation. 2. Can the "Import Scan " feature work to import the multiple UNC search in File Search?

1. You can search all shares of a remote machine by entering the unc path of the machine only, e.g \machinename. You canb search all shares of all members of a domain by entering the UNC path of the domain, e.g. \domainnane.

2. No. But you may supply the paths to bea search at the command line of TreeSize. Please see the chapter "Command Line Options" in the help file for details, here is a simple example: TreeSize.exe /SEARCH SearchOptions.XML path1 path2 path3 ...

Is there a way to run treesize by command line so it can be scripted to have a service account run the program when notifications come in on low disk space?

TreeSize is not able to do this, but we have a product that isspecialized on observing servers for states like low disk space and senda notification by email, SMS or NET SEND. It is called ServerSentinel and you will get additional information here:

Is it possible to schedule a treesize report to export a full list of the files on a disk, including owner? We can schedule reports but they only seem to return folder summaries not file level data

For this task you should better use our freeware "FileList":

How can i script treesize to run automatically?

Please open the help file and see the chapter "Schedule TreeSize Tasks".

I have a command-line scheduled task running a custom search for several department drives. When manually running I can choose what columns to export to the .CSV file. However, in the command-line, I don 't see a way to do this. Currently, my search options are being read from the saved .XML file settings.

By default TreeSize will use the columns that have been set under "Tools > Options > Export" when it was used the last time. To force the columns on the command line, export your current options through "Tools > Options > Export" to a file and supply this config file on the command line using the command line option /OPTIONS .

On our file systems we have archive file stubs which take up 8k. Is there a way of scanning files for size on disk? I am currently showing 800GB on a 300GB file system, as it sees the entire file size.

Please switch to "View > Allocated Space" and see if this helps. If not then the system does not report the size correctly.

how do I remove previously scanned folders - they always appear in the drop-down list. Branch > remove from treesize does not work

This is a recently used list. If it bothers you, you can adjust the number of entries under: View > Options > Number of folders in the recently used list

Can I synchronize two folders with TreeSize?

No, TreeSize cannot synchronize folder.