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I am evaluating your product.I noticed that you can highlight each folder and get the age distribution of the files.Is there a way to actually get the age distribution of files by folder in a report format?

This is not yet possible, but the upcoming V5.2 of TreeSize will allow to copy the data of the chart shown in the "File Ages" chart to the clipboard as text.

Does the treesize professional scan and/or search affect the archival bit of the scanned files?

No. TreeSize does not actively change the archive bit, and the system only changes the archive bit if a file is written. TreeSize works strictly read-only when scanning and searching and also does not modify the last access date if possible,

Where do i find the installation key?

The installation key is written on the license document that we supplied as PDF after the purchase and is available in our customer area as long as your maintenance (free updates + free support) is valid.

Where can I find a user guide or other documentation that shows me best practice for setting up reporting?

You can reach the Help of Treesize through the "Help" menu and can open a PDF user 's manual in the windows start menu. If you are particularly interested in scheduled scans, please take a look at the chapter "Schedule TreeSize Tasks".

what is a TreeSize Professional - Site License?How many serers are included?

A "TreeSize Professional - Site License" covers all installations of TreeSize Professional at one location of your company.

How do I generate exports that include the files as well?

By default, the exports done through „File > Export“ contain only folder and subfolders. To include also the files, click the "Customize" button In the Save-dialog and click "Include single files in export" and also "Export the full directory branch" if applicable. You will find these options also at: "Tools > Options > Export".

Using "File > Export > Copy List of Files" you can easily copy a list of files to the clipboard. This function is also included in the context menu of the TreeSize directory tree.

I had a licensed older version of Treesize on my computer. It asked me if I wanted to update. I downloaded and installed the latest version, but now I have a "BUY NOW " on my toolbar and can 't remember how to get rid of it.

You accidentally downloadedthe trial version of the software. Within your maintenance can download the latest full version from within ourcustomers area: Just install the fullversion over the trial version.

I have licensed TSP loaded on one machine, but will need to move it to another machine. What is the process for this to keep license proper?

Just uninstall the instance from the one machine and install the full version it again on the other, with the same installation key.

Is there a limit on the size of disk being searched?

Since TreeSize holds file information of scanned directory structures in your system RAM, the theoretically maxiumum disk size that can be scanned or searched by TreeSize is only imitated by your systems memory. 

The 32 bit edition of TreeSize can use a maximum of 2 GB RAM (default for Windows applications). This is sufficient for most Home or Small Business environments.

For larger file system structures with several million of files, we recommend the native TreeSize 64 bit edition which is available in TreeSize Professional.

Is there an upgrade option for 4.11 to latest?

Yopu can purchase an update for a redcued price in our Customer 's Area.

The Custom Search tab is missing and I need to search for a file. Please help.

Please make sure that you are using V5.0 or higher.

Please make sure that you activated the "Custom Search" on the "Search Options" tab.

How are the High and Low attributes in the XML reports equated to the LastChangeDate and LastAccessDate of the folder?

They are used equally to the Windows FILETIME structure, follow the link for details.