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Is it possible to schedule a scan for duplicate files on a network?

Yes. Open the TreeSize Professional File search using the Windows Start menu or the TreeSize Tools menu, on the "Scan Options" tab activate only the duplicate file search, add the network paths to to the list of "Drives and Paths to Search" and start the scan.

A user has a 148 GB hard drive, showing with 49 GB free space. Treesize claims he is only using 58 GB. Why the difference?

The Windows Explorer shows the space that is physically allocated on the drive while TreeSize shows the space that is occupied by all files under a certain path. Please make sure that you have the view option "Allocated Space" activated when you are interested in the physically allocated space.

A possibility is that not all parts of the drive could be scanned due to access restrictions. Therefore it is highly recommended to run TreeSize with administrator privileges. Turning on the Option "Track NTFS Alternate Data Streams and NTFS Hard Links" in the Options dialog may result in more accurate results but slows down scans. If a drive letter points to a sub-folder of a network drive, the allocated space (correctly) reported by TreeSize Professional may also be much smaller than the physically allocated space on this drive reported by the Windows Explorer because possibly the whole drive is not accessible through the network.

Beyond the space that is needed for storing the files itself, additional space is used for storing management data like the File Allocation Table of the file system or the boot sector. It is not possible to free this space with TreeSize Professional or any other tool. This is usually 0.5 - 2% of the occupied space. Another possibility is that you are using a Software RAID - like Windows offers it - which spreads the data with redundancy over several disks. These disks will appear as one logical volume and the failure of a single disk will not cause any data loss. But for storing the redundant information additional space is needed.

Is there a way when running TreeSize via a command line to label the tabs in Excel to something other than the date and time?

You may use the command line option /SHEETNAME to specify a name for the new sheet.

Caracters like : \ and / are not allowed in Excel sheet names and the sheet names have to be unique. Treesize will take care of this.

is there a way to deduplicate files. for example when i move duplicate files to new location, only one copy will be generated inthe new location and links to this copy will be in the original locations.

Once you used the search type "Duplicate Files" of the TreeSize Professional File search then you will be able to replace all duplicate files by a hardlinks to single file using the right click menu. This is pretty much you are asking for, there would be no benefit in moving them first as long as they are already on one disk. Please check the help file on more details on deduplication.

I currently have the trial installed. I just purchased two licenses and downloaded the full version. Do I uninstall the demo first or just install the full version over the top of the demo?

You can simply install the full version over the trial version.

I really enjoy using my copy of Treesize Personal. One feature that I consistently miss is having an "up arrow " that will let me go up to the parent directory in the right panel. Now, I need to over to the left panel to move around.

There is an "Up" arrow in the toolbar, next to the print burtton, and hitting the backspace key will also go up one level.

I am evaluating your product.I noticed that you can highlight each folder and get the age distribution of the files.Is there a way to actually get the age distribution of files by folder in a report format?

This is not yet possible, but the upcoming V5.2 of TreeSize will allow to copy the data of the chart shown in the "File Ages" chart to the clipboard as text.

Does the treesize professional scan and/or search affect the archival bit of the scanned files?

No. TreeSize does not actively change the archive bit, and the system only changes the archive bit if a file is written. TreeSize works strictly read-only when scanning and searching and also does not modify the last access date if possible,

Where do i find the installation key?

The installation key is written on the license document that we supplied as PDF after the purchase and is available in our customer area as long as your maintenance (free updates + free support) is valid.

Where can I find a user guide or other documentation that shows me best practice for setting up reporting?

You can reach the Help of Treesize through the "Help" menu and can open a PDF user 's manual in the windows start menu. If you are particularly interested in scheduled scans, please take a look at the chapter "Schedule TreeSize Tasks".

what is a TreeSize Professional - Site License?How many serers are included?

A "TreeSize Professional - Site License" covers all installations of TreeSize Professional at one location of your company.

How do I generate exports that include the files as well?

By default, the exports done through „File > Export“ contain only folder and subfolders. To include also the files, click the "Customize" button In the Save-dialog and click "Include single files in export" and also "Export the full directory branch" if applicable. You will find these options also at: "Tools > Options > Export".

Using "File > Export > Copy List of Files" you can easily copy a list of files to the clipboard. This function is also included in the context menu of the TreeSize directory tree.