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Am I allowed to use TreeSize Free in a corporate environment?

Yes, you may use the free version in a corporate environment. However, scanning of network shares within Windows domains, as it is often the case in corporate environments, is only possible with the professional version.

Do you offer a portable version of TreeSize Free?

Yes, our download page allows you to select either the .exe setup file, which can be used for a full installation, or a .zip file that contains the TreeSize Free executable, which can be run without installation.

Can I use TreeSize Free to scan my mobile phone?

Yes, TreeSize Free can scan mobile devices that are connected to the PC via USB. Most smartphones and digital cameras use the MTP (Media transfer protocol), which is not supported by many disk space managers. TreeSize, on the other hand, is able to scan these devices and show the disk space that is occupied on your mobile device.

Does TreeSize Free support scanning network drives?

Yes, scanning network drives is fully supported by the free version in typical home networks, where the computer running TreeSize Free is not part of a Windows domain and the remote system is not a Windows server. The professional edition also supports scans in Windows domains and on Windows server systems.

I have downloaded your free version of TreeSize and it works great. However, I would like to demo the Treesize Pro before purchasing. Do you have a free trial version with a limited number of day or return police?

We have a fully functional demo versions for all our products. For TreeSize Professional please follow this link: