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Run Scripts and Monitor Return Values

Using scripts you can automate processes and, for example, start actions or query values. ServerSentinel supports a number of common script languages: no matter whether you use PowerShell, Visual Basic Script or batch - your versatile monitoring software is by your side.

The script sensor is highly flexible: monitored scripts can easily be created and tailored to your needs by your administrators and processed with ServerSentinel.

ServerSentinel can run scripts as actions if necessary, e.g. to correct mistakes or start countermeasures. The monitoring software will also read return values of running scripts.

An important application of a PowerShell script in daily business is monitoring your employees' profiles regarding size and backup status. The script will not access the profile content, thus ensuring the protection of privacy! It only reads the metadata containing information regarding disk space usage and the time of the last backup.

ServerSentinel then processes the return values of the script. If predefined thresholds are crossed a warning will be sent to the administrators and the profile owner - e.g. via email.

Another possible application is the automated query of values on an external system via an HTTP page. A PowerShell script can conduct the dynamic login process, navigate to the input mask and read the values. ServerSentinel runs the script at predefined times and processes the return values according to your setting. If, for example, an error is returned or a threshold is crossed, ServerSentinel can launch an action (such as sending a warning or starting another script).

The script sensor is available in the Enterprise edition only.

Visualisation ServerSentinel Script Sensor

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