Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

Monitor Essential Hardware Components

The ServerSentinel SpeedFan sensor monitors hardware components for added reliability. CPU temperature, mainboard temperature, and hard disk temperature need to be monitored to make sure these important components do not overheat.

Fans are an integral part of every system. A failing fan can result in damage to the component it is supposed to cool. Monitoring fan speeds (e.g. those of the CPU or casing fan) can alert you to a damaged fan and will enable you to enact countermeasures to prevent overheating.

ServerSentinel can make sure your components are safe! If a predefined temperature threshold is crossed, ServerSentinel sends a warning via email or text message. If the temperature becomes critical, ServerSentinel can power down the computer via WMI or a script, thus preventing damages. Simply grant ServerSentinel the correct access rights, define the temperatures and relax.

Visualisation ServerSentinel SpeedFan Sensor

To enable ServerSentinel to monitor e.g. CPU temperature you need to make sure that SpeedFan is installed and running on your machine and install the xAP hub in ServerSentinel.

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