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ServerSentinelv4.2Monitor servers, network services and local resources

Receive error messages and warnings quickly via email or text message

Critical errors require swift reactions! If your server is about to overheat or a hard disk runs full you should be informed immediately. ServerSentinel will not only initiate predefined actions, the versatile monitoring software will also send out warnings.

ServerSentinel offers you the following options:

  • Email which you can give the appropriate priority to and also send as "confidential", to one or more recipients.
  • SMS which you can send via a connected GSM modem (mobile phone, UMTS stick, explicit GSM modem, etc.).
  • SMS which can be sent quickly and conveniently via a smartphone with the ServerSentinel Notification Gateway App directly to your mobile device.

But this feature is not limited to critical errors. For example, building services should be informed if a smoke detector has stopped working. Such an error message can facilitate maintenance and guarantees added security.

ServerSentinel E-Mail

An alternative to email or text message is an acoustic signal or the USB signal light. The latter is connected to the monitored computer and presents the status of one or more sensors. You can order the USB traffic light via our online shop.

ServerSentinel can add entries to the Windows Event Log, enabling you to track errors or warnings.

We protect your privacy! The plug-in "Shariff" makes sure that your data will not be transferred to social networks unless you click one of the share buttons. Learn more.