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ShellBrowser .NET Componentsv6.1Native Explorer Shell Controls for .NET


Drop-in Explorer Functionality

Interesting Sample Projects presenting practical applications of our components come with the software. See all components working together in the JamExplorer: The ShellBrowser .NET Components provides drop-in Explorer functionality. Within minutes you can build applications that look like the one above.

Integrate a Windows Search

The JamSearch sample project illustrates how easily a Windows search functionality can be included in an app using the ShellBrowser .NET Components.

See the Components at Work!

In the GettingStarted project you can try out working examples of different components.
You will find further information regarding the .NET components in our
detailed list of the included controls.

Emulate Windows Explorer!

With the ExplorerBrowser project you can simply emulate an entire Windows Explorer in your application.
There are folder tree, shell list, combo box, and even a file preview included.