Your Antispam IMAP Connector

Increase Security and Save Time With Spam Filters

Spam - a well-known problem and a continuous annoyance. Often the unsolicited emails carry malware in their wake (i.e. their attachments). In short: spam protection is a must!

  • Spam is a time-waster! Do you want your employees to do their work or shall they spend their time sorting out the spam emails?
  • Spam blocks disk space! Your email backups grow and grow - all thanks to emails you never wanted in there in the first place.
  • Spam means potential security breaks! Many spam emails come with complimentary malware ready to infect your machines.

Make sure that spam emails are detected and put where they belong (and can easily be deleted): in your spam folder.

Which spam filter shall I choose?

SmartPOP2Exchange is shipped with an integrated and ready-to-use SpamAssassin. This Unix spam blocker was ported to Windows by JAM Software. SpamAssassin is the perfect anti-spam solution: Bayes filter and an auto-learn feature guarantee high spam detection rates.

Screenshot Spamfilter