Retrieving mail / Catch-all

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Retrieving mail / Catch-all

Retrieving mails

Q:I want to leave all messages on my POP3 account in order to use them as a backup. Is it possible?
A:We do not recommend this setup, because a POP3 is not designed to hold large amounts of mail messages and can get extremely slow. However, you can use the rules engine of SmartPOP2Exchange to send a copy of every incoming message to any email address you want; so you can create a "backup" Exchange account and store your messages there. For leaving mail messages on server the IMAP protocol should be used. IMAP is also supported by SmartPOP2Exchange.
Q:How can I force SmartPOP2Exchange to download my messages immediately?
A:You can achieve this by restarting the service with the Service toolbar (at the top of the SmartPOP2Exchange window).
Q:Is it possible to leave messages on the POP3 account, so that I can access them outside the office?
A:In order to protect our customers, we have decided not to support this feature because it can cause problems and data loss. For this purpose IMAP exists and IMAP is also supported by SmartPOP2Exchange just as it supported by the MS Exchange Server.
Q:Is it possible to access a POP3 account manually in order to check, if the system works?
A:Yes, it is very easy, because the POP3 protocol is quite simple. The following commands executed at the command line perform a login to the POP3 server and retrieve the statistics of the POP3 account:

 USER [YourUsername]
 PASS [YourPasswort]



Q:I have a "catch-all" account that collects mail messages for various people. Is it possible to forward mail automatically to the person in the To: field?
A:Yes, it is. Set the option "Send messages to the mail address found in their message header" on the POP3  / IMAP  account setup form to automatically forward the mail to the appropriate accounts. The email address specified as target in the SMTP server configuration will only be used as a fallback address in the rare case that the email address could not be extracted automatically.
Q:Do I need to pay attention on anything special when using catch-all accounts?
A:Yes, using catch-all account may cause messages to get lost!
This is not a problem of SmartPOP2Exchange its a problem of catch-all accounts in general.
       A customer sends a mail with his own address in the TO field (TO: und with two users of your company in the BCC field (BCC:;
The message it self does not contain the address or because of using the BCC field. This recipient information is only provided through the SMTP protocol on sending. After this mail arrives at POP3 mailbox those recipient information regarding to the company is lost. When then SmartPOP2Exchange retrieves that message from the POP3 account it is not possible to determine to how many recipients or to which user it was send. So such a message can only be forwarded to a fallback-adress.

Q: When a message is sent to several users, only the first user receives the mail.
For example: a message is sent to, and, but only gets the mail.
The user has only 1 POP3/IMAP mailbox and catch all is active. What can I do?

A:Normally 3 mail messages are generated by the originating mail server and should finally reach the POP3/IMAP catch-all account.
But we have seen a few cases in which the receiving mail server deleted subsequent mail messages and kept only the first message in the catch-all account.
This behavior is incorrect for catch-all accounts, as these mail messages have different entries in the Envelope-To: header line.
Since version 6.1 of SmartPOP2Exchange there is an option for catch-all accounts on servers with such an incorrect behavior. This option replicates mail messages for each recipient of the TO and CC header field.
Of course this problem can also be solved by creating individual POP3/IMAP accounts for the active email addresses.