Import POP3/IMAP account data

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Import POP3/IMAP account data

By selecting Import POP3 Accountdata in the File Menu you open the import wizard.

There you can choose between following datasources:

Datatype Selection Importwizard


After that, you choose a file which contains the data.

In case of the Comma Separated Values File you now have to choose the separator:  

Separator Selection Importwizard


At last, you have to select which source data column holds the data of which account attribute.

There should be at least a column for every attribute except the optional one.



The following data is needed for importing an account (the order is not important):

Account Name (optional)

Name of the account inside of SmartPOP2Exchange

POP3/IMAP Server

Address of the POP3/IMAP Server


Username of the POP3/IMAP Account


Password of the POP3/IMAP Account

Destination mail address

Destination Address in your Exchange Server

SMTP Server

Address of your Exchange Server