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SmartPOP2Exchangev8.5POP3 / IMAP Connector for Exchange and SMTP Servers with Filter Functions

Your new POP3 Connector SmartPOP2Exchange: What can you expect?

On 31.12.2017 your license for P2S by Stefan Kittel IT Solutions expires. But that's no reason to worry about reliable delivery of your emails. In addition to the features already available in P2S, SmartPOP2Exchange offers many other features, that save you time and money.

What is your added value with our POP3 Connector?

  • Secure spam protection through fully configured SpamAssassin, which allows the definition of your own spam rules as well as the use of Bayesian filters and Spam/Ham training.
  • The anti-virus software ClamAV is integrated in the Enterprise Edition, alternatively you can integrate almost all already installed virus scanners.
  • An advanced rules system for retrieved emails and SMTP error handling allows you to determine exactly how incoming emails should be processed. For example, you can remove or save attachments and send automatic emails to the sender.
  • You can use a scheduler to define exactly when individual accounts shall be processed.

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