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SmartSerialMailv7.4Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

Use Alias Placeholders

SmartSerialMail employs Alias placeholders as placeholders for a placeholder function. They facilitate quick access to placeholders you want to use multiple times in an email template (e.g. a salutation or the name of a contact person). Important content can be managed centrally.

Alias placeholders can also be created for entire lists, enabling you to personalize email content based on recipient lists. Say you want to contact customers after a successful trade fair. You have separated the email addresses into two lists: old and new customers. Use alias placeholders to send different offers t both groups using a single email template.

You can also use alias placeholders to shorten complex placeholder functions and keep your HTML code tidy.

An example: You use the conditional placeholder dialog to create a placeholder for adressing your customers. Depending on the recipients' gender the customers shall be greeted with "Dear Mr." or "Dear Ms.". If no gender information is provided, a simple "Dear" will be used.

Once you have finished the placeholder SmartSerialMail asks you whether you want to save the placeholder under an alias. You acccept and enter a name, for example "Salutation". If you want to use the placeholder again, you can simply use the alias placeholder instead of recreating the complex placeholder again and again.

Use alias placeholders

You can also save alias placeholders to your profile. Placeholders saved here can be accessed in every content you create using the selected profile.

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