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SmartSerialMailv7.3Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

Version 7.3 : 19 September 2016



The memory consumption and loading speed of the sections "Recipient Lists", "Preview", and "Sending" has been markedly improved.

When using large amounts of Quickparts, the loading speed has been drastically improved. (Enterprise Edition only)

The self-repair of the internal database has been improved, problems with old installations or damaged databases have been solved.

If an MS Access database is used as internal database, the "Compress and Repair" function can now be triggered manually.

The Quick Navigation is now disabled by default.

The scaling of the user interface has been improved for high monitor resolutions.

Other minor errors have been fixed, several improvements have been incorporated.

Please note: This version is going to be the last version supporting Windows XP.



New SMTP Sending Profiles are now created with TLS Security by default.

Some errors during the manually triggered connection test have been fixed.

An error occurring when displaying the statistics in the "Profile" section has been fixed. (Enterprise Edition only)


Recipient List

The speed and the memory usage when working with large recipient lists has been improved drastically.

The column "Last Sent" is now sorted according to dates.

Importing Access Files with Office 2016 is now possible.

The "Search in all Lists" features now has a "Delete" Button to reset the search results.

The speed of Excel exports has been increased.

When sorting a list, SmartSerialMail will now keep entry selections.

The recipient list does not scroll anymore when changing the sending status of some entries.

Exporting a list does not change the position in the recipient list anymore.

The "Sending Status" statistic now also works for external tables. (Enterprise Edition only)

The import summary now always shows the correct amount of imported entries.

Importing a corrupted Access database does not result in a software error anymore.

Excel export now also contains the "Status" information.

The Filter "not equals" is now working correctly. (Enterprise Edition only)



The functions "Redo" and "Undo" are now available in the HTML editor.

The text floating property for images can now be set via HTML editor (float).

Problems with German umlauts have been fixed.

Links containing placeholders are now shown correctly in the link overview.

The function "Delete" in the context menu now always deletes the selected content.

The placeholder-function "printIfNotEmpty" now also works for attachments. (Enterprise Edition only)

The hint dialog when pasting content from MS Word via Clipboard has been improved.



The loading time of the preview when using large recipient lists has been decreased.

The profile’s "From" address is now used as the default value for the "Test Email Address".

Under special circumstances SmartSerialMail was not responding anymore when loading the preview. This has been fixed.



The "Sending" section is now loaded much faster when using large lists.

Resynching the sending status while a sending task is running is now supported by a failsafe mechanism. This prevents data loss, even when the computer crashes sending.

Cc and Bcc recipients of the sender profile are now also used when sending via EWS. (Enterprise Edition only)

Use the profile option "set all to unsent, before starting a sending task" to use recipient lists not containing any email addresses with the status "unsent". (Enterprise Edition only)

An error occurring while resyncing the sending status (internal and external tables) has been fixed. (Enterprise Edition only)

The display of the amount of unsent elements for filtered lists has been corrected. (Enterprise Edition only)

The link to the tracking statistic for finished sending tasks with activated tracking is now working. (Enterprise Edition only)


List Management

When collecting bounces, cancellations or subscriptions, new lists are only created when needed. (Enterprise Edition only)

Bounce emails with the error code "5.2.2 (mailbox full)" are no longer handled as permanent bounces, but as temporary bounces. (Enterprise Edition only)

The correctly selected recipient list is now available in the "list management" actions. (Enterprise Edition only)

In general settings a "reply to" address can now be entered. (Enterprise Edition only)

"Collect from Outlook" now works correctly for emails in online mode (not cached). (Enterprise Edition only)

Possible error messages from the POP3 or IMAP servers are now written to the protocol. (Enterprise Edition only)


Version 7.2.2 : 26 November 2015

An error in HTML processing has been fixed: Apostrophes are no longer replaced by "'".

An error occuring while viewing the statistics in "Profile" has been fixed.

Version 7.2.1 : 11 November 2015

Import and Export of Quickparts has been added.

Errors in the Duplicate Search has been fixed.

Imagepaths containing "Umlauts" are now handled correctly.

Pasting text into search fields has been fixed.

Subnavigation is collapsable again.

Errors blocking the installation of SmartSerialMail in Windows XP have been fixed.


Version 7.2 : 04 November 2015

Sender Profile and Sending

New sending mode "EWS" (Exchange Web Services) enables easy use in combination with Office 365.

Users can now send emails "on behalf of".

Tracking-Statistics for Piwik: A new pie-chart shows the number of conversions in relation to the number of sent emails. (Enterprise Edition only)

S/MIME issues fixed: Signed emails are now shown correctly in webmail clients. (Enterprise Edition only)

Placeholders can now also be used in the "Reply-to" field. (Enterprise Edition only)

The message Id of sent emails no longer contains the local computer name.

Users can now customize the email header field "List Unsubscribe".

The email header field "List Id" is set automatically and can be customized by the user.

The send mode "Save as file" now uses the recipient’s email address. (Enterprise Edition only)

Autodetection of profile settings has been improved.

Exporting a recipient list of a finished sending task now works as expected.

Hybernation or Reboot does not cause a paused sending task to restart.


Recipients lists and List Management

Subscriptions, cancellations, confirmations, and bounce mails can be processed via Office 365 / EWS (Exchange Web Services). (Enterprise Edition only)

Users can now search for an email-address in all existing lists at once.

The speed of the duplicate search in recipient lists has been improved dramatically.

The columns of a recipient list can now contain more than 255 characters.

"Soft Bounces" (temporary bounces) can now be processed. (Enterprise Edition only)

The processing speed of large lists has been improved.

Erroneous email addresses in the Cc-column are now highlighted. (Enterprise Edition only)

Large email accounts (more than 2GB) can now be processed in "List Management". (Enterprise Edition only)

Problems when importing from a non-formatted text file have been solved.

New Recipient lists contain a new column for "Bcc"-Recipients.

Content and Attachments

Personalized attachments: Quick parts can now be used to generate personalized PDF or Image attachments. (Enterprise Edition only)

User-defined templates: Content can now be saved as a user-defined template.

The column "Last_Sent" (date of last sending) is now available as a placeholder.

A "Save as PDF" function has been added in "Preview".

Filename and filepath wildcards can now be used in attachments. (Enterprise Edition only)

New placeholder function: "Save_as": Emails can be saved as files. Possible file types are: PDF, JPG or HTML. (Enterprise Edition only)

New Placeholder function: "Include": The contents of files (text files) can now be included in email content. (Enterprise Edition only)

New placeholder function "PrintIfNotEmpty": A Placeholder is only printed if it is not empty. (Enterprise Edition only)

New Placeholder Function "ForEach" : An output is created for each element in a list. (Enterprise Edition only)


Graphical User interface

The support for Windows 10 has been added.

CPU usage has been dramatically reduced.

Flickering of the left column of the "Sending" view while processing a sending task has been fixed.

The behavior of the menu tree has been improved: Folders are no longer closed when saving the content and right-clicking behaves like expected.

The user interface has been improved for larger display resolutions.

A lot of other corrections and improvements have been made.


Version 7.1 : 12 June 2015

Processing speed

SmartSerialMail shows and processes large recipient lists more effectively, delays have been eliminated.

Loading a great number of tasks or using a large recipient list no longer prolongs loading times in the dispatch view.


Graphical user interface

Different fonts and a consistent interface design result in a much clearer user interface.

Individually configurable user interface: Navigation elements can be toggled under "File" -> "View".


Bar charts provide an overview over how many emails were sent at which point in time and how many subscriptions, cancellations, confirmations, or bounces have been collected. (Enterprise Edition only)

A second bar chart shows the tracking campaigns used in the sending tasks. (Enterprise Edition only)


Recipient lists

History: The fife most recent versions of the recipient list are saved automatically and can be restored if required.

Alias placeholders for recipient lists enable users to define placeholders for entire lists. This way users can personalize content based on the recipient list. (Enterprise Edition only)

Filter (filtered lists) can now be copied to other lists. (Enterprise Edition only)

A pie chart view shows the segmentation of used lists. (Enterprise Edition only)


Content and quick parts

History: The fife most recent versions of each content are saved and can be restored if required. This includes the HTML part as well as the text-only part, the subject, and all alias placeholders in the content.

Sending operations

A new version of SSL is used for sending emails via a secure connection.

The sending interface has been redesigned: "New task" is now accessible via the quick navigation; the selection of profile, recipient list, and content has been improved. A diagram provides an overview over the five most recent sending tasks.

A pie chart grants an overview over all sent, failed, and blocked email addresses in completed sending tasks. (Enterprise Edition only)

A timeline shows the process of each completed sending task. (Enterprise Edition only)

Improvements and corrections

Column names must consist of at least three characters.

The "Do not show again" option for dialogs now works correctly. Once a dialog has been switched off it will not be shown again at startup.

The "Ignore duplicates" option in one click imports from CSV files now works correctly.

Some minor bug fixes and improvements have been added.



Version 7.0.2 : 29 January 2015

The column mapping of Excel imports is now reused in case of subsequent imports.

Connection issues with mail servers which only support  SSLv3 have been fixed.

An error when changing the font setting for HTML content and using the keyboard has been fixed.

Searching in "external tables" works now properly. (Enterprise Edition only)

Updated the SSL version to 1.0.1l.

The log message in the sending task protocol showing which blacklists are to be used has been corrected.

In some cases the encoding of special characters in the subject failed. This has been fixed.

The performance when working with recipient lists has been improved.

An error that could occur when creating a database backup has been fixed.

Some minor issues have been fixed.

Version 7.0.1 : 20 January 2015

The import from MS Outlook contact groups is available again.

The automatic column mapping on import has been fixed.

An error occurring while sending an "External Table" has been fixed.

An error occurring when switching to "Sending" has been fixed.

An erroneous email encoding could cause a faulty representation of special characters. This issue has been fixed.

When using a MSSQL Database the "category-based blacklists" did not work properly. This has been fixed.

Possible errors in SQL statements are now shown when importing recipients from a database.

An error occurring when processing images in preview and sending has been fixed.

Some minor issues have been fixed.


Version 7.0 : 15 December 2014

Improved user interface

New, clear design

Improved navigation

Simplified functionalities


Users can now send signed emails via S/MIME. (Enterprise Edition only)

Additional Option allows to save each outgoing email as file. (Enterprise Edition only)

The SSL version has been updated.

Loading of completed sending tasks has been improved.

A new option facilitates suppressing auto-notifications. (Enterprise Edition only)

The status of all recipients can be automatically changed to "unsent". (Enterprise Edition only)

The status of all recipients marked as "failed" can be automatically changed to “unsent”. (Enterprise Edition only)

Sending operations can be blocked automatically if placeholders have not been replaced. (Enterprise Edition only)

The automatic check of recipients against the blacklists performed prior to sending can be deactivated. (Enterprise Edition only)

Problems occurring when synchronizing the recipient list after sending operations were performed have been solved.

Improved link tracking support

Tracking links can be integrated into a mailing easily thanks to the new tracking link dialogue. (Enterprise Edition only)

Mailings are checked for missing Tracking-Parameters in the preview to avoid mistakes. (Enterprise Edition only)

The link overview of the HTML content now shows the necessary link parameters and facilitates editing. (Enterprise Edition only)


Improved template engine

Comfortable alias-placeholders for profile and content facilitate the creation of even more flexible mailings and help keep an overview over recursive placeholders and complex functions. (Enterprise Edition only)

An improved menu navigation for recursive placeholders and easy editing via dialog facilitate the use of (among others) "recursive salutations". (Enterprise Edition only)

Placeholders can now be used in quick parts. (Enterprise Edition only)

An intelligent dialogue-navigation facilitates working with placeholder functions. (Enterprise Edition only)

The parameters for placeholder functions can now be combined from different placeholders via the "concat"-function. Thus complex placeholder structures can be created.

Many new placeholder functions have been added: "If… then…", "Is empty", "concat", "Base64encode" / "Base64decode", "EncodeHtmlEntities" / "DecodeHtmlEntitites". Infinity loops of recursive placeholders and quick parts will now be prevented.

List management

Confirmation emails with optional security codes ("Double opt-in") can now be collected. This facilitates using a complete double opt-in process with SmartSerialMail. (Enterprise Edition only)

In some cases the selected list for registrations and cancellations was not used. This problem has been solved. (Enterprise Edition only)

Collecting cancellations via a trustworthy sender address now works again. (Enterprise Edition only)

Improved preview

The estimated delivery time is now calculated on the basis of the last sending operation.

If a placeholder has not been replaced by a value, a warning is shown to prevent mistakes.

The handy HTML link overview facilitates a quick check of all links used in a mailing. (Enterprise Edition only)

HTML links can now be opened directly in the preview window.

The overview over all available placeholders and their values facilitates the creation of dynamic mailings. (Enterprise Edition only)

The new placeholder protocol supports helps using complex placeholders and quick parts. (Enterprise Edition only)

The SpamAssassin used for the spam check has been updated. (Enterprise Edition only)

Images are now included in the calculation of email size.


Blacklists can now be used per category and thus independently of one another. (Enterprise Edition only)

External lists from different databases can now be incorporated into SmartSerialMail directly. No additional data import is required. (Enterprise Edition only)

The loading time of large lists has been improved drastically.

Duplicates are now identified faster in the import process.

New filtering option: The number of filtered entries can be limited. For example it is now possible to filter the first 1,000 "unsent" recipients of a list. (Enterprise Edition only)

New function: Go to next "unsent" recipient.

Minor errors occurring in import of excel files have been fixed.

An error occurring when identifying syntactically invalid email addresses has been fixed.

The recipient list is now saved after removing duplicates.


Improved link editing: multi-selection and specific editing of link parameters are now possible. (Enterprise Edition only)

The new "go to placeholder" function facilitates fast locating of placeholder content. (Enterprise Edition only)

Placeholders can now be used in image paths and links.

When importing HTML content created in MS Word SmartSerialMail now checks for invalid HTML strings and warns the user.

New experienced user function allows to set the HTML DOCTYPE. (Enterprise Edition only)

Exporting and re-importing content with placeholders in the subject now works accurately.

Sometimes changes in content were not saved. This error has been fixed.



Improved link editing: multi-selection and specific editing of link parameters are now possible. (Enterprise Edition only)

The new "go to placeholder" function facilitates fast locating of placeholder content. (Enterprise Edition only)

Placeholders can now be used in image paths and links.

When importing HTML content created in MS Word SmartSerialMail now checks for invalid HTML strings and warns the user.

New experienced user function allows to set the HTML DOCTYPE. (Enterprise Edition only)

Exporting and re-importing content with placeholders in the subject now works accurately.

Sometimes changes in content were not saved. This error has been fixed.


Version 6.3.2 : 28 October 2013

Import from certain Excel-Files was not possible or caused an error. This has been solved .

Importing content from MS Word works now also on systems with installed MS Word 2013.

The error-reporting module of the sending application did not work correctly. This has been solved.

When using the sending option "direct delivery" a second sending attempt is automatically done now after the first attempt failed. This solves problems in relation to "greylisting". (Enterprise Edition only)

On some systems the program used for spam-report generation was started several times. This has been solved now. (Enterprise Edition only)

Added print function for recipient lists.


Version 6.3.1 : 02 September 2013

An error occuring when importing Excel-Files has been fixed.

Sending to the BCc- and Cc-Addresses specified in profile now works in the Small Business Edition.


Version 6.3 : 26 August 2013


New function "Clone" allows duplication of existing profiles.

More than one Cc-Address can be specified in the profile.

Bcc-Addressees can be entered in the profile settings. (Enterprise Edition only)

Possible sending limitations imposed by the SMTP provider are now preconfigured automatically at the creation of a new profile.

Recipient Lists

New import function allows import of email addresses directly from Active Directory. (Enterprise Edition only)

In some cases, syntactically incorrect email addresses were not recognized. This problem was solved.

Lists can now be filtered for empty entries. (Enterprise Edition only)

Some minor problems regarding the filter function of recipient lists were fixed. (Enterprise Edition only)

E-Mail Content

Users can now easily select the colors of the email templates.

Improved menu: the import functions are now easier to find.

The size of images can now be changed while constraining the aspect ratio.

New button facilitates adding a horizontal line.

The HTML editor no longer automatically adds "font-family: Times New Roman" to the HTML code.

Certain special HTML content could cause a software crash. This problem was solved.

After changing the image base path, the view of the used images is updated. (Enterprise Edition only) 

The HTML compatibility view was updated. (Enterprise Edition only)


The preview can now be printed.

The attachment view was improved.

The SpamAssassin used for generating the spam-report was updated. (Enterprise Edition only)

The spam-report was not generated on some systems. This problem was solved. (Enterprise Edition only)

A possible overload of one CPU core occurring when pictures with percental size declaration were used has been fixed.


Added support for Punycode-Domains in email addresses.

New sending option ("save as EML-Files") allows saving the E-Mails to disk for processing via MS Exchange Pick-Up-Folder. (Enterprise Edition only)

In some cases a sending task was not started. This problem was solved.


Improved bounce mail detection of GMX email addresses. (Enterprise Edition only)


Several small improvements have been made.


Version 6.2.1 : 27 February 2013

The "external editor" can now be accessed from the main menu.

Content featuring special characters in the file name can now be processed in the external editor.

On some systems an error could occur when closing the program. This is no longer the case.

An error occurring when certain content was loaded has been fixed.


Version 6.2 : 18 February 2013

The placeholder syntax has been improved. This prevents text from being falsely identified as a placeholder.

An external HTML editor can now be used to edit email content.

The open source HTML editor "KompoZer" can be downloaded and installed without closing SmartSerialMail.

53 sample design templates are included in SmartSerialMail V6.2.

The connection error occurring when "POP before SMTP" was selected has been resolved.

Under certain circumstances, sending tasks were processed several times. This error only occurred if SmartSerialMail was installed on a Terminal Server. (Enterprise Edition only)

The new option "copy attachments to database" prevents a rapid growth of the internal database.

Restoring files from a backup could fail under certain circumstances. (Enterprise Edition only)

Some problems regarding the creation of filters have been solved. (Enterprise Edition only)

Importing Excel-files could result in a program crash. This is no longer the case.

The function "contains()" now works again. (Enterprise Edition only)

Problems occurring when manually restoring the recipient list from a previous sending task have been resolved.

Printing the sending report works again.

Collecting bounce emails did not work under certain circumstances. (Enterprise Edition only)

Some other errors were fixed and minor improvements were made.


Version 6.1 : 3 December 2012


Recipient Lists


Recipient lists can now be updated from external sources. Re-importing the same list all over again is now longer necessary. (Enterprise Edition only)

"Filter" for recipient lists allowing creating a user defined view on a list (e.g. to easily send to all recipients matching user-defined criteria). (Enterprise Edition only)

Wildcards are now available in blacklists (e.g. you may define "*" for blacklisting a whole domain, or you may define "info@*" to blacklist all matching email addresses). (Enterprise Edition only)

Wildcards can now be used in "Exclude lists", just like in blacklists (e.g. allowing to comfortable remove all recipients of a domain from a list).

Invalid Cc-Mail-Addresses are now marked red in recipient list. (Enterprise Edition only)

Duplicate entries in recipient list which are not marked as "unsent" do not create a warning any more.

The order of a recipient list is no longer lost when using the "remove duplicates" function.


E-Mail Content


Recursive placeholder allowing highly-flexible usage of quick-parts and placeholders (e.g. using a language specific quick-part, depending on the recipient’s language). (Only Enterprise Edition)

Several new functions (such as "md5()", "contains()", "trim()", "uppercase()", "lowercase()"). (Only Enterprise Edition)

The format of the given date or time (when using "date()" or "time()" functions) is now configurable. (Only Enterprise Edition)

New function: "Paste as Plaintext" allows inserting plain-text representation of formatted text (e.g. when copied from MS Word).

Special HTML links (such as "tel:" or "phone:") are no longer falsely detected as missing images.

Category folders are not expanded automatically when switching to a non-categorized content.

Sorting the list of "Used Images" now works even when a web located image is in the list.

Images and attachments containing "%" in path or filename are now resolved correctly.

Deleting a HTML table cell does not delete the whole content anymore.




The Cc-Address is now shown in Preview. (only Enterprise Edition)

Preview can now be saved as Eml-File or as HTML-File.

The Preview now uses the same order like the one used for recipients list.

Fixed erroneous Spam-Report ("missformatted and direct-to-MX"). (Only Enterprise Edition)


Mail Sending


New sending option "global sending limit" allows to stop a sending task after a sending a configured amount of emails. (Enterprise Edition only)

"Send with time delay" is now included in "Small Business Edition". (Small Business Edition only)

When starting a sending task the recipient list is no longer copied immediately. This is now done when the sending task is being executed. This allows using the same list in several sequential sending tasks. (Enterprise Edition only)

A scheduled task does not start immediately any more when no other sending task was created before. (Enterprise Edition only)

Now SMTP sending via SSLV3 encryption is supported.

An error message is created when profile contains a wrong Cc-Mail-Address.

The HELO name for "direct delivery" is now configurable. (Enterprise Edition only)

A warning in sending protocol is now shown for missing attachments and images, even when the user configured to send the mail anyway.

In case of a server side closed connection the last error message of the SMTP server is now shown in sending protocol.

The "date" column of sending protocol is now resizeable.

E-Mail to Cc-Recipients is now delivered when using "direct delivery" and "parallel sending". (Enterprise Edition only)


Subscriptions and Cancellations


Subscription-E-Mails may now contain recipient data which is imported into recipient list. (Enterprise Edition only)

Subscriptions and Cancellations can now be collected from a "trusted email address", which means the subscriber has not to be the sender of the subscription email anymore. This allows an easy integration of subscription management into your "double-opt-in"-process. (Only Enterprise Edition)

Creating a finished Outlook task for collected bounce mails, returns or cancelations is now optional (Enterprise Edition only)

On some systems the "collect from Outlook" caused SmartSerialMail to freeze.




Database settings provide a history of used databases. Working with different databases is much more comfortable now. (Only Enterprise Edition)

Database Backup now also contains the program settings and is provided a ZIP-file.

Some other errors were fixed and minor improvements were made.



Version 6.0.3 : 21 August 2012

On some systems the software stopped responding after opening email content.

The internal data management (database) has been optimized - the amount of database operation has been significantly reduced.

Placeholders are now correctly replaced when used in custom email header.

Under special circumstances application crashed when using the "HTML compatibility" view. (Enterprise Edition only)

You may now use copy&paste operations to add the content of  an Excel file to a recipients list.

You may now import an Outlook distribution list with more than 200 entries.

When using the "Collect from server" function without a properly configured profile, the software was rendered unusable. (Enterprise Edition only)

When using quick parts, the signature defined in "Profile" was added to the email twice. (Enterprise Edition only)

Mails are now sent in the same order they appear on the recipient list.

Import of HTML content failed if the HTML source was coded erroneously.

If SmartSerialMail was closed while editing quick parts no save dialog appeared. (Enterprise Edition only)

Under some circumstances the recipient list was saved even though the user canceled the save dialog.

The content now opens at the correct position when clicking on the "missing placeholder" link in the preview.

An error appearing when a user tried to link a local file he had no access to has been fixed.

After importing a list the category of the list will no longer be reset.

The import of a recipient list will no longer fail if a column was named "count".

Defining text fore- and background color now works with the first click of the button.

Recipients list containing a "/" in their filename will now be imported properly.

When replacing an image the thumbnail preview of is now refreshed automatically.

Cancelation of the profile wizard now works properly.

The integrated SpamAssassin - used for the spam report - has been updated. (Enterprise Edition only)

A new ribbon tab "Help" has been added.

Several small improvements have been made.

Some other errors were fixed and minor improvements were made.


Version 6.0.2 : 29 May 2012

When deleting single entries from the recipient list, an error could occur requiring a restart of SmartSerialMail.

In case of certain HTML content, an error occurred and the sending task could not be started.

If certain special characters were used in the HTML content, e-mails could not be sent and a misleading error message was shown.

If multiple displays were used, showing the program window on both monitors at once could lead to a program crash.

If multiple words were used in the subject of subscriptions/cancelations, they were not identified correctly (Enterprise Edition only).

If the same word was used for subscription and cancelation, subscriptions were not identified correctly (Enterprise Edition only).

Using the search function in the e-mail content could lead to a system crash.

Internal processing of e-mails (content, preview, and sending process) has been accelerated.

Identification of pictures used in the HTML content has been accelerated (Enterprise Edition only).

Processing of quick parts has been accelerated (Enterprise Edition only).

The interface to MS Outlook has been updated.

Some other errors were fixed and minor improvements were made.

Version 6.0.1 : 26 March 2012

The speed of the user interface has been improved.

The HTML compatibility tests will be performed faster.

In rare cases a profile was overwritten by another profile while saving.

When importing content into text-only e-mails the content got lost in some cases.

An error occurring when generating the text-only part of the e-mail has been fixed.

An error occurred when opening the options-dialog in "Quick parts".

The order of recipients in a recipient list was not saved.

A recipient list was not made available if a sending task was cancelled.

Placement of an "&" in a quick part produced a display error in "4. Preview".

An error occurring when starting a sending task on many threads has been fixed.

In some isolated cases SpamAssassin (spamd.exe) was not stopped correctly.

The sending log now shows Cc-recipients.

Under certain circumstances the delivery status was not logged correctly.

Under certain circumstances a sending task was not closed.

Case sensitivity regarding the subjects when collecting subscriptions and unsubscriptions was removed.

Cancelling a sending task could lead to a problem when closing the sending task.

A warning message will appear if an existing database is overwritten on database backup.

Resync of recipient lists from a completed delivery order has been optimized.

If two or more blacklists were stored under the same name, only one of the blacklists was used.

In certain circumstances an error occurred while writing the recipient list after a sending task was completed.

Some other errors were fixed and minor improvements were made.

Version 6.0: 24. October 2011

More Speed


Performance-Improvements: Faster loading of recipient lists saves time while working with very large lists.

Much faster fetch of the mail preview and accelerated switching between selected sending tasks.


Fresh Look


SmartSerialMail with updated visual appearance - using the latest Office 2010 style - All functions stay at their well-known places.

Different color schemes for an individual look of the user interface - whether light or dark, you decide how SmartSerialMail shall appear.


Enhanced Workflow


An optional "first-step-wizard" guides you step by step through the program.

More intelligent assistance: SmartSerialMail asks to start a sending task or recommends unblocking sent elements for a second dispatch.

Enhanced warnings and hints in the mailing preview lead directly to the right context. Hints help to avoid mistakes - for instance when using large email content or when using potentially inappropriate language.


HTML comfort


The helpful HTML preview mode allows an easy check of your design. This enables you  to create your contents much more efficiently.

Automatically upload your pictures directly to your webserver- with one click you may upload images from your content to your webserver. This reduces the size of your mail and allows you the creation of usage statistics. (only available in the Enterprise Edition)

Keep track of used images with the useful overview of all images in your content. This also helps you to easily replace images and graphics.

An overview of all hyperlinks in your mail helps you to manage different tracking goals and enables you to edit the links in your content in a comfortable way.

HTML compatibility test - Your HTML mail gets automatically tested for compatibility with all common email clients. This allows you to take care of the optimal layout of your content at each of your recipients systems. (only available in the Enterprise Edition)

The HTML editor can be disabled if it is required to ensure that the imported HTML content is not altered. So, it will be sent unchanged to your recipients.

Designing tables becomes much easier: Table-based layouts are required when designing HTML emails. The table gridlines will help you to realize even the most complex layouts (does not work with installed Internet Explorer 8).


More enhancements and fixed problems


Settings for newsletter subscriptions and cancellation (opt-in and opt-out) are now available at the profile page, too.

Fixed: The setting of the email charset is now taken into account at sending.

Fixed: Flawless import of "Quick Parts".

Fixed: Under some circumstances the sending application showed variational quantities of running transmission tasks.

Fixed: Under some circumstances an error appeared when using parallel sending (more than one sending task at a time).

Fixed: The program library "Redemption.dll" (used for interaction with MS Outlook) does no longer need to be registered. This avoids problems with other software which requires this library.

Fixed: Proper database  initialization on first usage of SmartSerialMail.

Fixed: Loading of database backups from read-only media (CD-ROM).

Fixed: Proper error handling when using a network based database and the network connection got lost.

Fixed: The export of a “Send Mail” task  now contains the column names of the exported recipients list.

Fixed: Improved return mail detection (bounce): bounce mails created by MailEnable server are now correctly processed.

Context-sensitive help (depending on the currently used function) assists you more efficiently now.

Some minor improvements have been incorporated.

Version 5.1.3 : 07 June 2011

To disable the parallel processing of sending tasks a new option was added to process only one sending task at once.

The account settings of existing MS Outlook email accounts are now imported automatically .

An automatic check for duplicates in the recipients list is done before sending and warns the user.

Command line options for unattended installation were added.

The spam check has been improved and some errors have been fixed. (only Enterprise Edition)

It is now possible to send to more than one Cc-Address specified in the profile settings.

"Sending with time delay" now works correctly even after computer restart. (only Enterprise Edition)

Errors on display of sending log while running sending task were fixed.

Some other errors were fixed and minor improvements were made.

Version 5.1.2 : 12 May 2011

An error during collecting subscriptions and cancelations has been fixed.

When pausing a sending task an error could appear.

Some problems regarding the recipient list's search function were fixed.

On some systems the sending journal and sending status were not updated correctly.

When closing SmartSerialMail after a sending task an error could appear.

Some other improvements have been included.

Version 5.1.1 : 26 April 2011

Problems during program start were fixed.

Added missing menu entry for searching in recipients lists.

An error appeared searching for invalid emails, when no column "Cc-E-Mail" was available.

Under some circumstances the recipient list view of the current sending task was not updated.

On some systems the tray-icon was not visible after upgrading to the new version.

Problems regarding the search in recipients lists were fixed.

Some other minor improvements and bug fixes have been included.


Version 5.1.0 : 14 April 2011

User Interface

Menus were simplified and designed more intuitive.

The user interface was redesigned to be more clearly arranged.

The user interface was speeded up.

Sample content and sample list are added when no content is available. This allows the user to start working with SmartSerialMail immediately.

SmartSerialMail’s sending application comes with an optional tray icon. So the user is informed about the status of executing sending tasks, without running the SmartSerialMail main application.


A Cc-mail can be defined for each recipient. (only Enterprise Edition)

More than one email address can be defined for each recipient (even in Cc-field).

Recipient lists can be grouped in categories.

Sorting of lists is now stored and available at the next program start again.

Possibility to insert the email addresses in Microsoft Outlook format ("Name Lastname <>").

Copy and Paste of whole rows between different recipient lists is now possible.

A list can be checked directly against blacklists.


The user interface for content editing was simplified.

A spam report provides information about the spam scoring of the email before it is send. (only Enterprise Edition)

Conditional placeholders allow, for example, the definition of conditional salutation. (only Enterprise Edition )

Content can be arranged into categories.

A new overview provides all used images of the email.

"Save to file" now also stores the used images.

The usage of attachments was redesigned and simplified. 


The sending user interface was simplified and provides an overview of the currently selected sending task.

Icons now provide fast review of sending status of tasks.

Sending with time delay is now able to pause to the split second.

Sending option "direct delivery" is now part of the profile settings and no more available in "5.Sending". (only Enterprise Edition)

A report of the sending task can now be saved.


A lot of other improvements were made.

Version 5.0.4 : 29 December 2010

Bugfix: Scheduled sending tasks are now executed even if SmartSerialMail is not running.


Version 5.0.3 : 13 December 2010

The Preview now contains an overview of the e-mail file attachments and provides comfortable access to the attachments.

Profile, Content and Recipient List are now validated when starting a new sending task.  In case of needed corrections, a message window informs the user before starting a sending task.

A previously deleted recipient list can now be restored from a sending task using the “Resync” function.

The column "Last sent" can now be sorted by date.

New Outlook One-Click-Import provides quick access to previously made imports from Outlook.

The amount of threads, which are used for “Parallel Processing”, can now be configured (only Enterprise Edition).

The Windows power safe mode is automatically disabled when sending is in progress.

The list of sending tasks is now sorted by date.

Adjusted background and text color of selected rows under Windows XP (classic theme)

A display error which appeared in recipient lists was fixed. A cell was colored black under certain circumstances.

The selection boxes for Profile, List and Mail on the sending page can be adjusted in size. Even longer names will be displayed properly.

A lot of other small improvements were made.


Version 5.0.2 : 10 November 2010

Improved Preview: An error message is shown when there are no unsent recipients available.

Sending behavior improved: On server side connection timeout a second sending attempt is made.

Bugfix: Database backups from version 4.61 can now be restored.

Many other minor improvements and bug fixes have been included.


Version 5.0.1 : 2 November 2010

SmartSerialMail is now available in two different editions: Small Business Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Up-to-date and completely revised user interface, similar to that in Microsoft Office.

The SmartSerialMail database where contents, recipient lists and settings are saved can now be moved comfortably. Thus, for instance, several users have access to the data simultaneously.
(Only in Enterprise Edition)

As an alternative to the MS Access database, SmartSerialMail can now also save settings, contents and recipient lists in a MS SQL database.

„Project Links“ summarize recipient lists, e-mail contents and settings and facilitate the overview.

„One Click“ Imports: With just one mouse click, you can load already imported data again. SmartSerialMail memorizes all necessary settings during the first import of the list so that you do not need to run the import wizard each time.

The new feature „direct delivery“ allows to send e-mails directly to the recipient’s incoming server. This way, you can resolve sending limitations of your own e-mail server.
(Only in Enterprise Edition)

SmartSerialMail sends e-mails now in the background. The application interface does not need to be open in order to dispatch e-mails.

In addition to sending with time delay, SmartSerialMail now also offers the possibility to start the dispatch at a specified point in time (date and time can be configured individually).

Bounced mails as well as subscriptions and cancellations for the recipient lists can now be collected via IMAP protocol, too.

The import of recipient lists has been accelerated considerably.

The processing speed of SmartSerialMail when sending e-mails has been improved.

Many other minor improvements and bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.6.1 : 22 February 2010

During the collection of bounces in step '6. Returns' the from sender address will be shown.

Bugfix: After the collection of bounces an error could occur.


Version 4.6.0 : 18 January 2010

Images can now be reset to their original size by using the context menu in step '3. Content' and 'quick parts'.

Bookmarks in step '3. Content' have been enhanced and can be wrapped around text as well as hyperlinks.

In Windows Vista and 7 the progress of a mailing (step '5. Send') is also displayed in the Taskbar.

The last send date and time will be logged to the list of recipients of step '2. Recipients'.

Bugfix: quick parts or fields that contained non ASCII characters were not correctly replaced in the HTML part of the mail.

Bugfix: The Shortcut 'Ctrl+S' did not work when the focus was in the HTML editor.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.

With the next version of SmartSerialMail we will end the support of Windows 2000.


Version 4.5.3 : 2 November 2009

The support for Windows 7 has been added.

The editing of Microsoft Office documents has been enhanced.

Bugfix: An error that could occur when selecting a font in the content was fixed.

Bugfix: A problem could occur when inserting a web link that only consisted of the protocol.

Bugfix: The creation of columns with special characters was not possible.

Bugfix: quick parts and fields with special characters were not correctly inserted.

Bugfix: When sending, a syntax error could occur.

Bugfix: When pressing the tabulator key in the HTML-Editor, the selected font was no longer visible.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.5.2 : 31 August 2009

The import of Outlook Express has been added to the import wizard of step '2. Recipients'.

The collection of return mail from step '6. Returns' has been enhanced to allow the collection of returns from Outlook Express.

In step '5. Send Mail' we have added a 'Time Remaining' display. This will show a rough estimation on how long the sending will take using the current sending speed as basis.

In the navigation of step '4. Overview' we have added the possibility to skip the display of mail to make it easier to navigate through a large number of messages.

The 'File' menu has been enhanced with the functionality to make a backup of the current database as well as to restore an older version.

Recipient entries in step '2. Recipients' that contain several email addresses that are separated by a semi-colon (;) can now be easily split into multiple entries by using the context menu and selecting the 'Cleaning Operations' and 'Split entry to multiple entries'.

The import has been extended to split multiple mail addresses that are separated by a semi-colon (;) into multiple entries in the list of recipients.

The import of recipients from Outlook has been enhanced to allow the import of the Reply-To address from mail.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.5.1 : 16 April 2009

Bugfix: Unicode characters were not correctly encoded when inserting them via a quick part or directly into the HTML source code in step '3. Content'.

Bugfix: If the Microsoft Data Access Components were not correctly installed, the program database could not be created.

Bugfix: Copying a list of recipients in step '2. Recipients' failed if the list was created with an older version of SmartSerialMail.


Version 4.5.0 : 30 March 2009

The HTML-Preview of step '4.Preview' has been greatly enhanced to show the mail with and without images. This will allow you to see the mail as it might appear in mail clients that block or strip images.

The bounce detection of step '6. Returns' has been revised to ensure a better detection of mail that could not be delivered.

The generation of the Microsoft Outlook folder view has been improved to show results more quickly even on large accounts.

We have also added the possibility to print out your mail in step '3. Content' as well as in step '4. Preview'

SmartSerialMail will make up to five backups of your database. This will allow you to retrieve accidentally deleted messages and lists of recipients.

Bugfix: The import of Microsoft Excel files failed when preceding empty lines were skipped.

Bugfix: When updating from versions prior to version 4.3 an error could occur when starting SmartSerialMail for the first time.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.4.0 : 12 November 2008

A new profile wizard will guide you through the initial setup of SmartSerialMail and will try to detect the correct settings.

The List of recipients from step '2. Recipients' that are defined as 'Blacklist' may now also include domain based entries like '*'. In this case, for example, '' and '' will both be blocked and SmartSerialMail will not send the mail to these addresses.

The import wizard from step '2. Recipients' has been greatly enhanced to allow the import of Microsoft Excel 2007 files as well as Microsoft Outlook distribution lists and global folders.

The content of your mail may now directly be imported from Microsoft Word Document files, avoiding the unnecessary 'Save as HTML' procedure required in previous versions.

In step '3. Content' and when designing 'quick parts' you now have the possibility to remove all the styles from a mail. This function will allow you to remove unwanted formatting when the HTML has been imported from other programs.

In step '4. Overview' there is a new preview without style information, allowing you to see how a mail client/web mailer may show your mail when the styles are not used to display your newsletter.

When managing what comes back in step '6. Returns' you can collect the returned mail directly from your Microsoft Outlook account.

We have included a new log in step '6. Returns' to visualize the progress of the return mail collection.

The 'Send Preview Mail to...' function from step '4. Preview' now has a 'most recently used' box that will save the last addresses a preview mail has been sent to for easier access in later mailings.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.3.2 : 18 June 2008

In step “1. Sender” you can now enter a CC or BCC recipient address. If set, SmartSerialMail will send a copy of every mail to this recipient.

SmartSerialMail will calculate the best amount of threads when performing multi-threaded sending. Therefore you will find new options 'Sequential Processing' and 'Parallel Processing” in step '1. Sender'.

The import of HTML files from step “3. Content” containing Unicode text got improved and will behave correctly.

Bugfix: The HTML-Editor from step “3. Content” reacted very slow when editing large documents imported from MS-Office products.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.3.1 : 2 April 2008

The list of recipients in step '2. Recipients' now has the ability to copy, paste and cut content using its context menu

When pasting a mail address into the list of recipients in step '2. Recipients', which was copied from Outlook or Outlook Express (e.g. Name []) a new entry is inserted into the list

To ease the configuration of SmartSerialMail, watermarks will give additional help

In step '3. Content' we added the ability to insert the subscription and unsubscription links to the context menu

The auto-link generation from the steps '3. Content' and 'quick parts' was improved

Bugfix: The insert bookmark function from step '3. Content' deleted selected text when a bookmark was inserted

Bugfix: If the log was copied during a sending, an error could occur

Bugfix: The context menu outside of the list of recipients was not working correctly

Bugfix: When the content of a mail from step '3. Content' was saved to a file, a wrong path was used


Version 4.3.0 : 25 February 2008

Take your Newsletter design to the next level with the new HTML editor:

Cleaner HTML-Code for optimized compatibility with mail programs

The new “Properties“ dialog gives you a wide range of possibilities to produce the look for your mail you want. Adding background images or setting different colors for text, links and background is now available from the editor’s toolbar.

Features an easy-to-use dialog for inserting links to external Web pages, internal bookmarks or to mail addresses.

Reveals the formatting information in the editor to see the structure of the document for an improved document manipulating.

Shows the invisible grid lines of tables or container elements for easier resizing.

Uses a text marker function to highlight certain phrases of your mail

Offers you superscript and subscript formatting functions.

Introduces a new Search and Replace functionality.

A drop down list was added to the quick parts category providing a better selection from  existing categories.

The 'Scheduled Sending' was renamed into 'With a time delay' for clarity.

The system performs now a DNS lookup to set a better value for the domain part of the message id.

The HTML content of the mail is quoted with entities if this is required. This will enhance the readability in web mailers and other mail programs

Changed company name to JAM Software GmbH due to a change in the legal form of the company.


Version 4.2.3 : 14 December 2007

The list of recipients in step '2. Recipients' has been extended by a context menu in the column title, that supplies basic column functionality like adding and renaming of that column.

The Import Wizard from step '2. Recipients' will now import date and time formatted values from excel into the list of recipients.

SmartSerialMail will restore the last step that has been shown in the last usage.

Thanks to many customers, SmartSerialMail will recognize even more undeliverable/ bounced mail.

The step '4. Preview' will now expand the quick parts, even if there is no valid recipient or list of recipients selected.

When the sending is paused, a progress-marquee will show how much time has elapsed before the next sending period begins.

If a sending or connection gets interrupted or the provider cuts the connection, SmartSerialMail will try to reconnect a couple of times before giving up.

The support of Windows 9x/NT has now been fully dropped.

Also the support for Office 2000 and all prior versions has been dropped.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.2.2 : 1 September 2007

The support for TLSv1 was added.

Bugfix: External tables were not loaded correctly.

Bugfix: The import sometimes showed that not all recipients were imported although they were.

Some minor bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

Version 4.2.1 : 29 August 2007

Bugfix: An import from CSV or XLS files was not possible.

Bugfix: Vista showed a save dialog instead of open when trying to select the import file.

Bugfix: Mails that where only text had extra blank lines.


Version 4.2.0 : 7 August 2007

SmartSerialMail has a completely revised Import Wizard, which allows you to import from the new MS Access 2007 database files as well as from internet addresses (URLs).

If the list of recipients only has items with the state 'sent' SmartSerialMail will ask to resend to this list when you want to begin the sending of your mailing.

To ensure that you never send out empty mailings SmartSerialMail will warn you before you begin to send empty messages.

The Information presented to you in the send-mail-log has been extended and now includes additional information like subject of the mailing and the list of recipients that is going to be used. SmartSerialMail will also inform you how long it took to send the mailing.

Inform your recipients how important or sensitive your mailing is. On the 'Sender' page you will find the possibility to select these settings. Furthermore custom mail headers can be added to include custom information/references to the header of the mail to send.

In the summary of the preview you can now adjust the paths to missing files.

If your internet service provider requires 'POP before SMTP authentication' you can now activate this option in the advanced SMTP server options on the 'Senders' page.

Enhance your mailing by inserting custom quick parts. This new feature will allow you to fully organize your mailing and easily comply with the corporate identity of your company.

The automatic HTML to plain-text generation has been enhanced and will now include the alternative-text part of your embedded images.
This goes along with the new plain-text to HTML generator which will assist you in the design process of your newsletter on the 'Content' page.

A list of recipients can be declared as blacklist, which enables SmartSerialMail automatically to ensure that a recipient will not receive any mail.

SmartSerialMail has been expanded by a new powerful feature which allows to declare lists of recipients as 'external'. These lists will then be managed in an external database allowing you to keep the lists up to date without the need for re-import.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Version 4.1.1 : 29 May 2007

The Ordering-Information link in the About-Dialog now points to the SmartSerialMail section of the ordering page.

Bugfix: An Error that occurred in the list of recipients saying 'row for update not found' was fixed.


Version 4.1.0 : 15 May 2007

It is now possible to forward your bounced mail, handled and unhandled un-/subscription notices to a specified mail address.

When collecting subscription notices, SmartSerialMail now inserts the name of the subscriber into the 'Last Name' column of the list of recipients.

In step '4. Preview' you can now send a preview of your newsletter to an arbitrary mail address to see how the recipient will receive the mail.

The list of recipients now memorizes the sorting order of the recipients and the order of the columns that you specify.

In the view '2. Recipients' you now get an report on how many messages are already sent, unsent and blocked in your list of recipients.

SmartSerialMail now calculates the approximate time it takes to send out the mailing you are preparing in step '4. Preview' in the tab 'Summary'.

Easily insert links to bookmarks in your HTML-mail with the new 'Insert Bookmark Link' dialog.

The new HTML-Attachment-Management will now also attach images that are used in style sheets and are referenced by links.

The HTML sourcecode editor now has a search and replace dialog.

SmartSerialMail now imports HTML-files with relative image paths correctly.

Bugfix: When opening a content files, that were still opened by a other program, an exception occurred.

Bugfix: The SSL/TLS-Library shipped with SmartSerialMail 4.0.1 got replaced.

Some minor bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Version 4.0.1 : 21 March 2007

SmartSerialMail now shows the progress of the bounced mail collection.

The sorting order of the list of recipients is now saved.

Bugfix: When renaming a list of recipients before saving it, an error occurred.

Bugfix: The subscription list and unsubscription list was internally mixed up.

Bugfix: When sending with multiple threads, an error occurred that caused the log to disappear.

Bugfix: subscriptions and unsubscriptions could only be collected one after the other and not simultaneously.

Bugfix: When starting SmartSerialMail with a Plain-Text Mail this was marked as 'changed' although it was not.

Bugfix: Character encoding now functions correctly and also works on the subject.

We fixed some other minor bugs reported.


Version 4.0 : 1 March 2007 (final release)

Bugfix: When using scheduled sending, the application was not responding and only continued to send one mail at a time.

Bugfix: When saving a list of recipients while there still was a new line visible, an error occurred preventing the saving.

Bugfix: An error, that occurred when switching to the page 'send' was removed.

Bugfix: An error, that occurred when collecting bounced mail was removed.

Bugfix: The button to insert an image didn't perform any action.


Version 4.0 : 16 February 2007 (beta release)

New: Enhanced graphical user interface

Manage your profiles independent from your mail address.

Perform operations on your lists of recipients. You can now include or exclude whole tables enabling you to keep a Blacklist and excluding them from your Newsletter.

Add individual attachments for every recipient.

Manage multiple versions of your mail independent from the subject of the mail.

Compress your attachments to decrease the size of your mail and increase the speed of your mailing.

Enhance the styling of your mail with the new HTML-Editor.

Generate your own plain-text part of the mail or let SmartSerialMail generate it for you.

Preview your mailings in Outlook Express.

Manage the bounced mail to keep your lists of recipients as clean as possible.

Manage subscriptions to and unsubscriptions from your lists.