SmartSerialMail Opt-In Form

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SmartSerialMail Opt-In Form

Our supplied Opt-In form enables you to easily include a Opt-In form to your website, through which users can subscribe to your e-mail service (e.g. a newsletter).

The Opt-In form guarantees thereby, that the data of the subscriber is correctly forwarded to your SmartSerialMail inbox, from they can be collected automatically.



Here you can check if you fulfill the necessary requirements for the Opt-In form to work flawlessly on your website.


Overview: Opt-In Methods

An overview over some commonly used Opt-In methods.


Tutorial: How to include the Opt-In form

Instructions on how to include the SmartSerialMail Opt-In form on your website.


SmartSerialMail Configuration

Settings in SmartSerialMail to automatically collect subscriptions created by the Opt-In form.


Opt-In Templates

Customization options of the SmartSerialMail Opt-In form and the subscription and confirmation e-mail templates.


Advanced Settings

Advanced settings of the SmartSerialMail Opt-In Formular.


Create your own form

Describes the possibility and the necessary adjustments  to use the php scripts of the SmartSerialMail Opt-In form for your own form.