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SmartSerialMailv7.4Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

Recursive Placeholders

Recursive placeholders enable you to use content of recipient lists when choosing placeholders. Referring to customer information allows you to address recipients in their native language or offer them deals based on age or gender.

SmartSerialMail enables you to automatically create new placeholders from values in your recipient list.

You send out international newsletters and use quick parts to add content (such as text or graphics). In your address list you use the column "Language" containing the preferred language of your customers (the token EN for English, GER for German, SP for Spanish etc.).

  1. You create a separate quick part for each language: salutation_EN, salutation_GER, salutation_SP.
  2. You insert a recursive placeholder in your mailing: {r}salutation_{%language%}{/r}
  3. SmartSerialMail selects the appropriate token according to the parameter "Language" (EN, GER, SP) and inserts it in the quick part.
  4. The placeholder is completed automatically: salutation_EN for English customers, salutation_GER for German customers, salutation_SP for Spanish customers etc.
  5. The completed placeholder is then replaced with the correct quick part - your serial mail now contains the salutation in the language your customer prefers.

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