Your Database-Based Disk Space Manager

Archive Scan Results to SQL Database for Professional Disk Space Management

If you have to keep track of disk space usage over longer periods of time, storing scan results in single files makes your work harder than it has to be. If you use many different documents to store the disk space status of your system, tracking developments means comparing file content - an arduous task.

Employing a database makes comparing scans a very easy task and allows for fast access to all scan results.

SpaceObServer provides detailed statistics about size growth of directories on your hard disk. All statistics can be drilled down right to file level!

SpaceObServer connects to your SQL Server and saves all scan results to the database via the SpaceObServer scan service system service. You don't have an SQL database? JAM Software offers SpaceObServer in a bundle with a full MS SQL Server Workgroup Edition (usage limited to SpaceObServer only) at special rates.