Your Database-Based Disk Space Manager

Clean Up Hard Disk? Easy With SpaceObServer!

With the SpaceObServer file search you have found the files you are looking for - what now? SpaceObServer offers you various possibilities for further processing:

  • Delete files
  • Move selected files to any folder
  • Archive specific files in a ZIP file
  • Burn files to optical media

SpaceObServer allows you to set a link to the new location of the moved files. Because the original paths to archived files are preserved, restoring files to their old location is possible at any time. System administrators have access to additional processing options: found files can be passed on to scripts and executable files in form of parameters. If desired, SpaceObServer automatically saves all file operations in a log file and creates an undo script that allows you to easily undo all changes.

Useful hint:

Do you perform the same searches over and over again? Save your filter settings as individual searches and access them at any time via the "Search" menu.