Your Database-Based Disk Space Manager

Disk Space Reporting & Analysis

Disk Space Reports enable you to be always up to date on your storage space usage. With SpaceObServer you can scan your file servers and track down disk space usage across all your systems. The SQL-based server space manager navigates through the complete directory structure file by file and provides you with a comprehensive reporting about the disk space usage.

You can choose from many possibilities and configuration options:

  • Visualization of storage usage as 3D, pie, bar, and treemap charts
  • Processing of scan data as Excel, XML, PDF, HTML, CSV, or text file
  • Disk space reports sent via email
  • ... and much more


Learn more about available export formats for your disk space reports.

The smart reporting on your available storage resources on all systems helps you to carry out a storage space analysis according to your needs. In this context, it is essential to consider the development of space usage over time. Due to the central storage of the scans SpaceObServer can immediately access the data of space usage history and compare it with the current data.   

Enjoy even more comfort: Automate your disk space reports easily with the SpaceObServer Post Scan Actions.