Your Database-Based Disk Space Manager

Save Disk or Server Space With File-based NTFS Compression

An NTFS compression runs in the background and helps you free up disk space. How effective a compression is depends on the file type. JPGs, DOCX documents and video files are already compressed, so an NTFS compression can only free up about 5 to 20 %. Larger amounts of disk space can be saved by compressing previously uncompressed files such as text or HTML files: in those cases 40 to 60 % are possible. With SpaceObServer you can compress whole file trees.

Since an NTFS compression is transparent, compressed files can be read and written without decompressing them with a second program - every necessary step happens in the background. SpaceObServer supports once-click compression and decompression.

When it comes to calculating used disk space, SpaceObServer trumps many other software solutions and even the Windows Explorer! SpaceObServer shows the reduced disk space usage correctly, so values may differ from those given in the Windows Explorer.

Useful hint:

In the SpaceObServer details view the compression ratio of a file or file tree can be shown in an extra column. You can also mark compressed files in a different color.