SpaceObServer Web Access

Access SpaceObServer Scan Results via Your Web Browser

Check Scan Results for Duplicate Files

Duplicate files accumulate over time and eat up hard disk or server space. By removing a duplicate file either by deleting it or by replacing it with a smybolic link or hard link - a process called deduplication - you will regain wasted space and lighten the load on your servers.

SpaceObServer will find duplicate files on hard disks and servers - and you can access the results with SpaceObServer Web Access in your web browser.

Check the "Duplicate Files" tab to see a list of files found more than once in your scans. Decide which file pairs you want to deduplicate and tell your administrator which files to remove or replace.

Screenshot SOS-WA-DuplicateFiles

SpaceObServer will enable users to easily deduplicate files.