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Use TreeSize as User Interface on a Windows Core Server

Microsoft Core Server offer added security and improved stability. Without the vulnerable Windows components a core server is difficult to attack - but no Windows components mean no graphical user interface. Administrators can use the shell and the command line to manage the Windows core server or access it via network.

From Windows Server 2012 on Microsoft recommends installing servers as core servers - in fact, this is the standard installation.

TreeSize Professional offers an alternative: The software can be installed on a core server 2012 and used as a graphical user interface.

TreeSize - your graphical user interface on the core server

In the file tree users can navigate between folders, just like in the Windows Explorer. The details view shows content right down to file level. File operations such as move, copy, or delete files can be performed directly in TreeSize. Use TreeSize Professional to maintain security without missing the convenience of a graphical user interface.

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