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Find Files With the Custom File Search

Thanks to the pattern manager included in TreeSize the TreeSize File Search is now more powerful than ever. You can configure your own file search and tell TreeSize exactly which files you are looking for.

The customized files search enables you to define the criteria against which TreeSize shall match files:

  • Decide whether TreeSize shall exclude or include files matching your search.
  • Filter files according to file owner or path and search the file content.
  • Search for vertain patterns (e.g. *.JPG for all JPG files), regular expressions oder the entire file name.
  • Find files that have been changed during a certain period of time.
  • Set a minimum and maximum size and select which attributes have to be set for a file to match.
  • Have TreeSize search only files or only folders.
  • Include or ignore NTFS Hardlinks.

Find NTFS Hardlinks

Depending on your settings NTFS hardlinks can be ignored completely. You can also set a minimum number of hardlinks required for a file to be counted. See the tab "search options" for additional configuration possibilities, such as the definition of drives and paths.

Save searches

You can save all search settings and load them at a later point, start new searches, or abort running search operations. Even the type of information presented in the result lists can be configured (simply use the "view" tab).

Learn more about the TreeSize File Search

The TreeSize file search can be started via the Windows start menu or the "file search" menu of TreeSize.

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