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I find UltraSearch the finest search routine available. I frequently save a downloaded file and then I am confused as to where my browser put it. Knowing the file name, I can use UltraSearch to find it in milliseconds!

David G.

I would like to thank you very much for your software UltraSearch it is absolutely BRILLIANT.

I have tried many search applications over the years, but yours is by far the best and FASTEST I have ever used. I would like to thank you for this amazing piece of software. For you it may be simple, but for me it is AWESOME.

UltraSearch is the first and only software I have used that uses the MFT to locate files so much faster than other third party applications. Your software actually made me smile. Why waste like 15 minutes to locate a file, when you can find that file with UltraSearch in less than a minute. :)


I've been using this ultra-fast search software for years with all my XP builds for myself and for clients. Thank you very much for your work.

Christopher W. Schneider | President, PCTS4YOU LLC of Chicago

Find files faster on your NTFS drive"

Comment by Samuel Clark: "Just installed this program and did a search for *.scr files and wow it found them all *snaps fingers* just like that I couldn't believe how fast it was for just after installing the program. ...

Mike Williams - betanews.com

UltraSearch comes with the advantage that it looks for your query straight into the Master File Table of the NTFS drive. The speed in returning a result through this method is amazing. You will actually be able to view results as you type the search term.


The search functionality is fast, really fast.

Ryan Wagner - CyberNet News