UltraSearch Professional Visual Tour

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Visual Tour

Main Program

Main Window

The main view of UltraSearch Professional offers an intuitive user interface using the familiar Windows ribbon design. Besides file names and file paths, the central list of search results displays additional information such as file age, size or file attributes. 
Above the result list, you can see all search options, enter your search term and select the drives to be searched. On the right side next to the results, the file preview shows the contents of the currently selected file. 

Drive List

In the drive list, drives and individual directories can be added to UltraSearch Professional. By checking and unchecking the checkboxes, you can determine which drives should be searched. In addition to local drives, UltraSearch Professional also supports network drives, USB sticks and SD cards.  

Exclude Filter

The search can be further narrowed down by excluding files and folders. Use the exclude filter to specify, for example, that the recycle bin or specific system folders are not included in the search. Single folders and files as well as entire folder structures can be excluded from the search.

Predefined File Types

Numerous predefined file types let you search for audio, video or office files with various file extensions. You can also create your own file types with self-defined file extensions and use them in the search.  

Query Composer

Our Query Composer helps you to enter your search term. It offers separate input fields for file name, file extension and file content to facilitate the search. A click on the "OK" button lists the results matching your search query in the result list. 

Customizable File Operations

Using the file operations dialogue, you can move, copy, delete, zip or perform other operations on files found. Specify whether you want to copy the file permissions, keep the directory structure when moving or log the operations performed. Thanks to these and additional options you can customize the file operations to your own requirements.