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Browser shows blank site

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Browser shows blank site

Error in browser:

The browser shows only a blank site (after loading progress is finished)

Possible Reason 1:

The Forms Authentication is not enabled in the 'Windows Features' or not enabled in the IIS-Manager for the web site.


Go to Troubleshoot entry HTTP Error 401.2 and follow the instructions.

Possible Reason 2:

No “SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition” or “SpaceObServer Remote Client” is installed on the server.


The SpaceObServer SpaceObServer Web Access requires an installed “SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition” or “SpaceObServer Remote Client”.  

Steps to execute:

Install “SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition” or “SpaceObServer Remote Client” on the server.
Note: The required Installation Files can be downloaded from our customer’s area (

Possible Reason 3:

The 'Application Pool' has insufficient access permissions.


Change the identity of the 'Application Pool'.

Steps to execute:

1.Execute on the windows console: C:\Windows\System32>C:\Windows/System32/inetsrv/appcmd set config /section:applicationPools /[name='spaceobserver_apppool'].processModel.identityType:LocalSystem

2.It was successful, if the following Message comes up: "Applied configuration changes [...]".

Steps to execute (Optional):

1.Run 'Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager' (Press Windows-Key and Type 'IIS Manager')

2.In the 'Connections' navigate to 'Application Pools', select 'spaceobserver_apppool' and click on the link 'Advanced Settings':


3.In the section 'Process Model' set the attribute 'Identity' to 'LocalSystem' and press 'OK':

4.Stop and start the 'Application Pool' 'spaceobserver_apppool':

5.Try to start the SpaceObServer Web Access in the browser again.

Possible Reason 4:

The Firewall blocks requests to the Internet Information Service (IIS).


Enable the rule in the firewall for the IIS.

Steps to execute:

1.Open the firewall settings

2.Select 'Inbound Rules'

3.Scroll down to 'World Wide Web Services' and open the context menu

4.Select 'Enable Rule' via the context menu:

Possible Reason 5:

Some cookie values are invalid.


Delete application cookies from your browser.

Steps to execute:

Internet Explorer:

1.Press Strg + Shift + Entf

2.Activate Checkbox “Cookies and Websitedata”

3.Press Button Delete

4.Press F5


Possible Reason 6:

The installed SpaceObServer has no database selected.


Select the database in the SpaceObServer.

Steps to execute:

Follow the steps on the topic here.