SpaceObServer Web Access

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SpaceObServer Web Access

SpaceObServer scans hard disks and servers and stores all scan results to a database. With the SpaceObServer Web Access end users can access these scans in a web browser.

Analogy to the Space Observer

The interface of the SpaceObServer Web Access is modelled after the GUI of the SpaceObServer, but there are some limitations. Users of the SpaceObServer GUI are able to execute scans, alter data and configure scans. SpaceObServer Web Access has mostly read-only access with a focus on the representation of the scanned data.

Difference between Remote Client and Web Access.

The Remote Client of the SpaceObServer is suitable for administrators which want to configure the SpaceObServer remotely and have a look at the results. You can do all the configurations like in the interface of the SpaceObServer remotely except for configurations of the agent. The agent is a service that triggers scans automatically. You need to install the remote client on each machine you want to use it.


The Web Access of the SpaceObServer is more suitable for end-user which want to have a look at the scan results only. The visible data can be restricted per user or group. There are currently no configuration options for the scans. You only need to install the Web Access on a local server and connect to the database. The Web Access is accessible from each client in the network via the browser.


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