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SpaceObServer Web Accessv2.1Access SpaceObServer scan results via your Web Browser

Web Access: Quick Overview Over Scan Results

In the user interface of the SpaceObServer Web Access the folder structure is presented in a tree view similar to the Windows Explorer.

End users can navigate and expand folders. Automatic expansion of folders to a certain level can be toggled. The ACL (Access Control List) can be used to filter the displayed folders and files.

The window next to the tree view shows the analysis of the selected tree element.

Analysis of the selected tree element.

End users can choose between:

  • Pie and bar chart
  • History
  • Details view
  • File endings
  • Users
  • Top 100 files
  • Distributions

Other than in the case of SpaceObServer and SpaceObServer Remote Client, end users have read-only access: Accidental changes in scan configurations are prevented.

Administrators can use the administrator backend to create new users and manage user permissions.

We protect your privacy! The plug-in "Shariff" makes sure that your data will not be transferred to social networks unless you click one of the share buttons. Learn more.