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By selecting a POP3 account in the Navigation Pane you open the POP3 form.




Common settings:


Send messages...

Use this option to enable "catch all" accounts in SmartPOP2Exchange. SmartPOP2Exchange will search for a destination address in the message instead of using the address in the email field of the SMTP settings. The email field of the SMTP account will be used as a fallback address in case SmartPOP2Exchange can't find any recipient in the message or the SMTP server does not accept it.

Server (POP3)

The name of the POP3 server SmartPOP2Exchange gets the messages from.


Sets the port of the POP3 server.


Sets your username for the POP3 server. SmartPOP2Exchange needs it to identify the POP3 account on the server.


Sets or changes your password for the POP3 server.

Use secure (SSL)...

Check this option to use a secure (SSL) connection to download mail. SSL support depends on your provider.

Test connection

Tests if SmartPOP2Exchange can establish a connection to your POP3 account.

Account enabled

Enables or disables the POP3 account.



Advanced settings:




Use default value

Set this option if you want to use the global timeout specified in the settings form.


Sets a specific connection-timeout for the current POP3 account.


Sets a specific download interval (similar to the interval on the settings form) for the current POP3 account.

Replicate mail...

If you download mail from a catch-all account, this option lets SmartPOP2Exchange replicate a mail for each recipient of your domain if your provider's server does not keep one mail for each recipient in the catch-all accounts mailbox.


If you want to reset the POP3 form press the Undo button.



info Please note that any changes you made will be applied only, if you push the 'Save settings' button.