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How can I access the files that where selected by the user via the Checkboxes functionality?

The ShellListView or ShellTreeView do not provide a property for this. Instead the ShellControlConnector component, that mediates the checkbox state between different controls in particular, has the property SelectionList which allows to iterate through the list of selected items.

Clicking check boxes in a ShellFileList the first time is very slow. Is there any explanation for this behaviour?

For folders containing many files and subfolders the process of collecting file information (e.g. overall size) can take a while. If you'd like to suppress the scan, you can set the CalculateSelectedFiles property in the SelectionList to false.
This will suppress fetching the overall filesize, etc.

I'm setting the Path property of e.g. the ShellListView to a constant value like "C:\windows" when developing my application, is there a better way?

In general it is better to use only the SpecialFolder to explicitly set a path. The Path property is meant to be used to set the displayed path dynamically when the application is running on the system it is deployed on.
It can't be assumed that throughout different systems there's always an existing path "c:\" for example.

Why is the use of the property ListViewItem.Caption discouraged?

Depending on the Windows Settings this property might not contain the complete file name but one with the extension cut off.
Instead, use the ShellListItem.FullPath property, it contains the full path to the file represented by the item.
The function Path.GetFileName(string path) gets you the full and pure file name and omits the path.

How can I prevent an item to be activated when the default activation action is executed in the ShellListView? I don't want the file to be opened, I only want to select the item.

Have a look at the JamExplorer example, here a MessageBox is shown to ask the user whether he really wants to open a file. The event is called BeforeInvokeCommandOnSelected.

The forward/backward buttons in the ShellHistoryToolStrip don't work. What's wrong?

Because the history functionality is contained in ShellControlConnector, you need to attach one to the ShellHistoryToolStrip Control by setting the property of the same name.

Can I use ShellBrowserComponents .Net Edition with Visual Studio Express or the Community Edition?

Yes. The components can be used with Express and Community Editions of Visual Studio. Have a look at you encounter a problem.

How can I retrieve the target of a link when I use the ShellBrowser component?

Just call the static method string ShellBrowser.GetLinkTarget(string shortcut) and it will resolve the link. If it is not a link file (ie. a normal file or folder) it will return the empty string "", and null on error.