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We are using SmartPOP2Exchange in combination with our exchange 2007 server.It 's all running great but there is one mail stuck in the smartpop queue or something like that.We are receiving the following error:6-11-2007 8:25:50 Error while sending mail with subject 'Gelezen: RE: Bijeenkomst ontwikkeling conditieberi ' to SMTP Server 'ex01 ': Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop And this error is coming back every X minutes. I have stopped and restarted the smartpop service but it doesn 't solve the problem.What can i do to fix this ?

Answer / Solution

Every server has a maximum count for 'hops ' of an mail. (hop count = count through how manyservers a mail was send). Usually that maximum is not reached. But when it 'sreached the server either bounces that mail or does not accept it. So your ExchangeServer does not accept it because it already passed too much SMTP servers.Currently there are only two options you have:
1.increase the hop count in your Exchange Server
2.remove that mail manually from the POP3 server