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SmartPOP2Exchangev8.6POP3 / IMAP Connector for Exchange and SMTP Servers with Filter Functions

SmartPOP2Exchange downloads emails from POP3 and IMAP accounts and forwards them to an SMTP server. All emails are filtered: spam and virus protection is included. But SmartPOP2Exchange offers far more than just the bare essentials: Use the scheduler to define exactly when emails shall be downloaded and collect emails from catchall accounts. The improved event log provides a quick overview. The PickupFolder enables you to process emails you created in external applications and saved - for instance - as an EML file. It goes without saying that SmartPOP2Exchange supports SSL for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP connections.


Comfortable Connector for SMTP servers

SmartPOP2Exchange is a powerful connector enabling you to link existing POP3 and IMAP accounts to an MS Exchange Server or any other SMTP server. The heavy lifting is done in the background, since SmartPOP2Exchange works as a Windows system service. The clear and user-friendly interface was based on the Microsoft MMC.

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Reliable spam and virus protection

Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus: SmartPOP2Exchange comes with a fully configured version of the well-known spam filter SpamAssassin, offering spam detection rates of more than 99 %. SpamAssassin learns continuously, so spam detection becomes even more precise over time. You alone decide how detected spam shall be treated. You can even add your own spam rules. Nearly all virus scanners can be connected to SmartPOP2Exchange to make sure that virus or trojan infected emails are identified. The anti-virus software ClamAV (Enterprise Edition only) protects you from phishing emails. Virus protection can be increased by connecting additional antivirus software to the SmartPOP2Exchange.

Comprehensive rule system

A flexible and powerful rule system facilitates easy processing of emails. Freely combine conditions and actions to sort incoming emails - just like in Microsoft Outlook. You can also pass emails to external applications for further processing.

Automatic backup

SmartPOP2Exchange automatically creates a backup of all emails collected from your POP3 or SMTP accounts. You will always be able to access your emails - even if they are deleted from the account.

SmartPOP2Exchange comes in an Enterprise and a SmallBusiness Edition. Compare.
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We protect your privacy! The plug-in "Shariff" makes sure that your data will not be transferred to social networks unless you click one of the share buttons. Learn more.