ShellBrowser .NET Components

Native Explorer Shell Controls for .NET

  • Enhance Your .NET Application With Explorer Functions
  • Integrate Explorer Components in Your Application
  • Royalty Free, No Runtime Fees

Build Your Own Windows Explorer

The ShellBrowser .NET Components are a set of UI controls that look and behave exactly like the Windows Explorer. You can use them to integrate Explorer components in your applications or even build your own Explorer. The components are based on and target Windows Forms. They are written in C#, but can be used in all supporting languages (like C# or VB.NET).

ShellBrowser .NET Components support all current versions of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Visual Studio.

The ShellBrowser .NET Components are royalty free and involve no runtime fees.

Easy to Use
Simply drop the UI components right on your own forms or dialogs.
ShellBrowser contains the controls you need for any use case, so you can concentrate on your actual work.
Highly Configurable
Choose your use case and create your own Explorer within minutes!

Visual Tour

Component: ExplorerBrowser is a new control emulating an entire Windows Explorer.

Windows search functionality can be easily included in an app.

Component: The ShellTreeView .NET component displays a tree view of the Windows file system.

Component: With the ShellListView .NET control you can display the contents of a folder.

Sample Projects

Our sample projects like Getting Started, JamExplorer, ExplorerBrowser and JamSearch illustrate the usage of ShellBrowser .NET Components. They are included in all licenses of ShellBrowser .NET Components, and are also part of the evaluation copy.


The ShellBrowser .NET Components from JAM Software provided the specialised explorer-like functionality I needed to map and traverse folder structures, saving me enormous effort and allowing me to focus on the logic specific to my application. Their support was excellent too!

Guy Burkill, PickSync

ShellBrowser .NET Components are easy to implement and have completely satisfied our expectations. Really great product support.

Markus Dörig, Siemens Building Technologies

I have intensively searched the market, and your product is the best I found, after many and various tests that I have performed. I am currently in the process of developing an application which will definitely use your "ShellBrowser .NET Components" product. I sincerely think the .NET version performs exactly all the Windows Explorer behavior, it is great programmed and implemented to the specifications.

Daniel Cristea

More Information and Documents

Learn more about ShellBrowser .NET Components and how they can help you to enhance your own . NET applications! 

Did You Know?

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ShellBrowser Delphi

The ShellBrowser .NET Components are also available as native VCL version for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder version.

Discover Our ShellBrowser Delphi Components!