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Deciding between TreeSize and SpaceObServer can be difficult.

  • Immediate use or long-term monitoring?
  • Smaller systems or large server environments?

This comparison will help you choose the right solution for your needs.

JAM Software Customers

What is the difference between TreeSize and SpaceObServer?

TreeSize Icon

TreeSize Professional

For local PCs and small infrastructures
Immediate, ad-hoc analysis down to file level
Semi-automated reporting
Manual File Management
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SpaceObServer Enterprise Edition

For medium and large infrastructures
Long-term monitoring down to file level
Fully automated reporting
Data Lifecycle Management

What Our Customers Think Of Us

Thank you, JAM Software, for dreaming up this application. It helps me manage local and NAS Storage more efficiently.

Kevin Tran - CT Corporation, A Wolters Kluwer Company

SpaceObServer is a properly designed application with extensive uses and features which might come in handy to a large group of computer users.

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Working with large-scale archives used to ask of the end-user unreasonable amounts of patience as discrepancies would be discovered during cross-referencing.

TreeSize provides all details of file/folder distribution in seconds with a literal right click. It meets all QA/QC requirements for number processing for reference material archives.

Kudos to the folks at JAM whose system-integration and convenience-based GUI is an example many developers could learn from.

Mark Henstrom

With SpaceObServer, we finally have the possibility to visualize for our employees where which amounts of data are located, in a clear and easy way.

Now we know where our 'graveyards of data' are hidden. Using SpaceObServer, we are capable of continuously monitoring and systematically optimizing our disk space - with minimal effort and low costs.

Christian Erwin, IMS Lead SCHOTT Solar AG

When to choose TreeSize, when SpaceObServer?

Our sample scenarios will help you find the right solution for your needs.

Startup InnovateStream

InnovateStream, a dynamic startup of 7, focuses on developing cutting-edge mobile apps and web solutions. They rely exclusively on cloud storage like SharePoint for streamlined collaboration and project management.

TreeSize  TreeSize!

  • Organized Cloud Storage: Perfect for maintaining a tidy and efficient file system in their SharePoint environment, ensuring their digital assets are well-organized.
  • Simple Interface: Offers an intuitive user experience, easily manageable by their tech-savvy team without requiring deep IT expertise.
  • Budget-Friendly: TreeSize's affordability is ideal for InnovateStream’s cost-conscious strategy, providing essential features for every employee without a hefty price tag.
Media Agency Creative Pulse

Creative Pulse, a compact team of 30 that specializes in digital marketing and video production. It operates with a lean IT setup, including on-premise servers, SharePoint and Azure for storage and project management.

TreeSize  TreeSize!

  • Occasional Storage Analysis: Ideal for infrequent storage cleanup and analysis tasks.
  • Versatile Storage Management: Effectively handles both on-premises and cloud storage, including SharePoint.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: TreeSize’s low acquisition cost is particularly advantageous for occasional use, matching the agency's budget-friendly approach.
Software Company CodeCrafters

CodeCrafters, a dynamic mid-sized software company with 150 employees, manages a mix of on-premises and SharePoint for its development, test, and production servers.

SpaceObServer  SpaceObServer!

  • Unified Data Management: Seamlessly handles complex data sets across multiple environments.
  • Continuous Monitoring & Reporting: Keeps a constant eye on storage capacity and generates timely reports that are essential in a dynamic development landscape.
  • Scalable Solution: As CodeCrafters grows, SpaceObServer scales with it, adapting to evolving business needs.
Financial Group GlobalTrust

GlobalTrust Financial Group, a multinational financial services firm, manages extensive sensitive data and complies with strict regulations. Their IT infrastructure handles vast data volumes, utilizing diverse cloud storage, including Amazon S3.

SpaceObServer  SpaceObServer!

  • Data Lifecycle Management: Tailored to meet stringent regulatory standards such as GDPR, ensuring compliance in every aspect of data handling.
  • Scalable Data Management: An index-based approach efficiently monitors large volumes of data without overloading, which is critical for GlobalTrust's large-scale operations.
  • Collaborative Add-Ons: Web Access and Remote Client enable effective cross-departmental data organization, optimizing storage space and archiving efficiency.

Our Storage Management Solutions In Detail

TreeSize Professional Icon
SpaceObServer Icon
* Perpetual licenses, no subscription


Suitable for

Small to medium-sized infrastructures Medium-sized to large infrastructures

Application scenario

Ad-hoc analysis with quick results Long-term monitoring

Data processing

In Memory/RAM (volatile) In SQL Database (permanent)

Supported storage systems

Windows SharePoint Azure Amazon S3
Outlook Linux
Windows SharePoint Azure Amazon S3
Exchange Server Linux


Many visualizations to break down the storage space consumption


Flexible file search


Export storage space reports in many different formats


Break down disk space usage by file type or user


Search for duplicate files


Automation options


Show largest files in any directory branch


Search for similar directories


Automatic and permanent storage of analysis data


Detailed storage space history


Data Lifecycle Management


Filter data in real time


Collaborative work possible via web browser


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