ShellBrowser Delphi Components

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

  • Imitate Functions Known From the Windows Explorer
  • Generate the Real Look and Feel of the Windows Explorer
  • Enhance Your Delphi Application With Explorer Controls

Emulate Windows Explorer Features

ShellBrowser Delphi Components can emulate functions known from the Windows Explorer. This includes context menus, left and right pane of Explorer windows, thumbnails, virtual folders and shell extensions. Use the ShellBrowser Delphi Components and get easy access to the Windows Shell functionality!

ShellBrowser Delphi Components are compatible with all current versions of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and RAD Studio.

Royalty Free. No Runtime Fees.

Easy to Use
Just drop the components on your form and configure via the RAD Studio IDE.
ShellBrowser contains the controls you need for any use case, so you can concentrate on your actual work.
Highly Configurable
Control components' look and behavior according to your scenario! Most components fully support Delphi Visual Styles.

Visual Tour

With the drop-in Explorer functionality you can quickly and easily build applications that look like this one!

ShellBrowser Delphi Components fully support all VCL themes introduced with RAD Studio XE2, such as the Carbon theme.

Component: TJamShellList Delphi displays the contents of a folder.

Component: TJamBrowseForFolder easily displays a Windows dialog box, enabling your users to select and open folders.

Component: With the TJamFileOperation component you can perform file operations like copy, move, rename, or delete.

Sample Projects

To get started, check the sample projects contained in the ShellBrowser component suite. They give an overview on the simple use of the components and illustrate some common scenarios that you might make use of in your own projects. Also some special use cases like the handling of custom columns are covered.


Without ShellBrowser Delphi Components, I would (most probably) not have begun working on my project. Implementing all the complicated functions ShellBrowser covers would simply have taken too much time. Many thanks for the great support. My product would not have been released without the changes to ShellBrowser you implemented and the quick bugfixes! Everything works fast, stable, and just as I designed it.

Evgeni Shmakov, Chameleon Explorer

ShellBrowser Delphi Components are the best VCL Shell tools I have seen including Plasmatech which I used for years but which is no longer being updated. Keep up the good work.

Bill Miller

I have recently purchased your Shellbrowser Delphi Components and love them, I was using [other commercial shell components] but yours are streaks ahead, very reasonably priced and excellent documentation too.

Fermin Fernandez

More Information and Documents

Learn more about ShellBrowser Delphi Components and how they can help you to enhance your own Delphi applications! 

Did You Know?

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ShellBrowser .NET

ShellBrowser Components are also available as ShellBrowser .NET Components. The components are royalty free and involve no runtime fees.

Discover Our ShellBrowser .NET Components!