Exchange Server Toolbox

Multi-Tenant Capable Email Archive and Spam and Virus Protection for Your Mail Server

  • Automatic Email Archiving
  • No Spam and Viruses on Your Server
  • Flexible Rules Engine

Secure Your Mail Server

Exchange Server Toolbox is a powerful plugin for Microsoft Exchange Server. It will reliably protect your inboxes from spam and viruses and ensure email archiving compliant to most of the current international electronic archiving regulations.

Multi Plugin Exchange Server Toolbox
Flexible Rules Engine
A powerful set of rules facilitates mail processing similar to Microsoft Outlook for all incoming and outgoing emails.
Proven Spam & Virus Protection
Take advantage of the integrated SpamAssassin and ClamAV and filter unwanted or dangerous emails.
Automatic Email Archiving
Tenant capable email archiving compliant to many of the current international electronic archiving regulations - for example the German GoBD.

Visual Tour

The user interface presents all configuration options.

The spam filter SpamAssassin checks incoming emails for signs of spam. 

Exchange Server Toolbox archives emails securely.

The extended Windows Event Log enables administrators to access an overview of all emails processed.

Easily create your own rules for the handling of incoming and outgoing email.

Use the integrated ClamAV or connect your own anti virus solution and keep your inbox safe!

Main Features at a Glance


We would like to compliment you on the outstanding job of creating Exchange Server Toolbox. We tested multiple email archiving software to achieve GDPR compliance and found that your software is not only the easiest to use but also very convenient to administrate. Also the pricing model sets you apart from competitors and makes your customers happy with the purchase. It is a pleasure working with you.

Stefan Leipold, IT Support, ProSysCo

Without the Exchange Server Toolbox we would have drowned in a sea of spam long ago. This software was a great investment and is one of the greatest products we have bought in a long time.

Olaf Buck, Pietschconsult GmbH

Exchange Server Toolbox helps you easily secure your email content by blocking any unwanted or virus-infected email or by creating secured email backups. You will receive only important and relevant messages, whilst the spam emails will be blocked and unable to distract you from your work. Read the complete review.

Andrei Fercalo,

Extended Account Processing

Are you looking for a POP3/IMAP gateway or a Connector to MS Exchange?  Compare our POP3 Connector to Exchange Server Toolbox and learn how they complement each other! Exchange Server Toolbox and SmartPOP2Exchange work best in combination!

More Information and Documents

Find here the important information you need, be it license information, technical information, or additional information on email archive.