Exchange Server Toolbox

Anti-Spam & -Virus, Backup and Rules Engine for the Exchange Server

Backup Email Securely

Business correspondence should be archived securely. This also applies to electronic forms, such as emails - email archiving is a necessity. Some countries impose rules and regulations on how these archives have to store, send, and received emails - often there is an emphasis on securing the immutability of content.

Keep your Exchange Server lean

If you keep all the mails from all your mailboxes on your Exchange Server, it will start reacting sluggishly as the available storage shrinks and the load increases. Emails should be archived to a database or the file system, not stored on the Exchange Server - Exchange Server Toolbox will do exactly that.

Better email archiving

To guarantee that users can archive emails securely, Exchange Server Toolbox employs signatures: you can easily see if an archived email has been altered. Not all email archiving softwares offers this feature. If backup laws apply to you, checking the feature lists of the various backup mail server solutions is a must. Exchange Server Toolbox has been certified to fulfil the German GoBD.

Over the years, email archives will continue to grow, making it hard to e.g. find the one email you sent out to an old customer four years ago. Searching a whole exchange mailbox backup manually takes up valuable time. The Exchange Server Toolbox email archive offers an easy way to find old conversations: it automatically creates an index of your stored emails. The handy Outlook add-in enables you to easily search all emails you have access to. The access rights are copied directly from the "send as" privileges.


Emails refused by your server will not be archived. Once the integrated SpamAssassin identifies an email as spam or malware-infected, the server will refuse to accept it (Exchange Server 2007 or higher). Your archive will remain free of spam and malware!