Exchange Server Toolbox Changelog

What is New in Exchange Server Toolbox?

Version 6.2

  • Access to the archive is now protected by authentication.
  • Users can now reject their own deletion requests in the archive.
  • New version of SpamAssassin for Exchange Server Toolbox: v3.4.6.
  • The “Est Mail ID” email property has been added to the template variables in the rule set.
  • Attachments can now be saved in the Archive Search email preview via a context menu.
  • An error in the "Email is received within two dates" condition has been fixed.
  • When importing/exporting an archive, an incorrect number of successfully imported/exported items might have been displayed. The problem was fixed.
  • An error in the Outlook add-in that occurred mainly when using the Spam/Ham training functionality has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the body of TNEF emails not to be displayed in Outlook was fixed.
  • An issue that caused the check for updates not to work was fixed.
  • An error that caused TNEF emails to be opened read-only in Outlook was fixed.
  • The "Save email to folder" action has a new option, "Convert TNEF to MIME".  
  • A serious bug that caused the service to stop responding in rare cases has been fixed.
  • Under some circumstances, it was possible that the event log view could no longer filter correctly by log level. The problem was fixed.
  • A problem with incorrectly displayed umlauts in the words whitelist was fixed.
  • An error in archive user authentication on systems without Active Directory connection was fixed.
  • When creating a delete request, it is now possible to cancel the search for emails.
  • The used SpamAssassin Shortcircuit rules "USER_IN_BLACKLIST" and "USER_IN_BLACKLIST_TO" have been replaced by the new versions "USER_IN_BLOCKLIST" and "USER_IN_BLOCKLIST_TO".
  • The used SpamAssassin shortcircuit rules "USER_IN_WHITELIST" and "USER_IN_DEF_WHITELIST" have been replaced by the new versions "USER_IN_WELCOMELIST" and "USER_IN_DEF_WELCOMELIST".
  • Fixed an issue where aliases of email addresses were not added to the whitelist.
  • Fixed a problem where the wrong client was used when using email aliases.
  • Fixed a problem where email address aliases did not appear in auto-complete text boxes.
  • The option to display changelog information in case of an update now leads to the correct web page.
  • Visualization issues in the update dialog have been fixed.

2 August 2022