Exchange Server Toolbox Changelog

What is New in Exchange Server Toolbox?

Version 6.1.2

  • Fixed a problem with archive permissions with MySQL archives.
  • In some cases, users who were not overridden in the settings did not have access to archive search, although it was allowed. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where the user under which the Exchange Server Toolbox was installed did not get full access to the archive.
  • Fixed a problem where not all emails of a request were always visible when responding to a delete request.
  • Fixed a problem where direction detection did not work as expected in connection with local alias addresses.
  • Now, as expected, only one deletion request can be created for one e-mail.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented deletion requests from being created for emails archived from an older version.
  • An error occurred when using a MySQL database archive of an older version.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the database schema to not always be updated correctly for MySQL archives.

28 April 2022