Exchange Server Toolbox Changelog

What is New in Exchange Server Toolbox?

Version 5.8.2

  • Due to an error in the configuration file, the update of the ClamAV signatures might not work anymore. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases the SpamAssassin service blocked after a few hours and no more spam scans could be performed. This has been fixed.
  • Stopping the SpamAssassin service could cause a timeout under certain circumstances. This has been fixed.
  • SpamAssassin may have run without DNS blacklist testing and Razor2 testing. This has now been fixed.
  • SpamAssassin's configuration file contained incorrect preferences which could cause SpamAssassin to crash. This has been corrected.

19 March 2020

Version 5.8

  • Improved SpamAssassin in a Box service.
  • Updated virus scanner: ClamAV v0.102.1.
  • A new rule action now allows to compress and merge email attachments.
  • New rule-set conditions now check for selected weekdays, time or date spans. This makes it possible to trigger actions only on certain days, at certain times or in a configurable date interval.
  • Fixed a problem where an MSSQL database on a Windows Server 2019 could not be configured as an archive.
  • Fixed a problem where custom SpamAssassin rules could be overwritten by default rules.
  • The action "Forward copy to SMTP server" now allows to specify a user-defined sender address.

2 March 2020