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Tidy Up Your Disk Space!

TreeSize is used by thousands of businesses and home users worldwide to analyze, manage and tidy up their most important storage systems. Generate statistics and charts on space usage and create reports. Search for specific files such as old or duplicate files to move, archive, or rename them in bulk - manually or automatically via the command line.

Organizing and decluttering has never been easier.

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Cross-System Usability
Analyze the storage space on Windows, SharePoint, Amazon S3 and Linux servers. Break the data down to file level.
Flexible File Search
Search for files, folders or duplicates with numerous filters. Copy, archive or delete the results with bulk operations.
Helpful File Reports
Summarize scan and search results in meaningful reports as PDF, Excel, CSV and more - even automatically.

Visual Tour

The pie chart of TreeSize allows you to overview the most important data on disk space usage at one glance.

The main window offers a clear and easy to use interface which is split into the file system tree on the left and the details view on the right. An optional chart facilitates easy overview. 

The treemap chart is a hierarchical chart visualizing the size of all subfolders (not only the direct child folder) of a selected directory branch. The tiles can be viewed in 2D (pictured) and 3D mode.

The Details view presents you a lot of valuable information about the disk usage like the folder size, the disk space wasted by the file system structure, the last access date, the NTFS compression rate and the owner.

TreeSize enables you to sort files by file age. Intervals can be configured for "creation date" , "last change" and "last access".

The top 100 panel provides an overview about the 100 largest files found during the last scan.

The TreeSize file search helps you to find obsolete and very large files. The particular search types can be configured in detail and certain files or folders can be easily excluded from the search results - for instance recently changed files.

Configure TreeSize: Many aspects of TreeSize can be configured in the options dialog, e.g. the view, the export of data or startup options.

What Our Customers Say

I LOVE the product and we use it daily for not only reporting but for administering our CIFS environment. *Honestly I'm probably doing more with the product than you intended but it has been a life-saver for my department.

Shelly Birkla, Storage Services, University of Notre Dame

Thank you for the ongoing support for TreeSize. Just yesterday I was able to demonstrate that a certain action of just manually updating a set of excel files would be a near impossible task since I was able to show them in less than 10 min that they had over 20.000 excels hidden in their networkshare.

The simplicity and speed is just awsome!

Manfred De Jong, Manfred De Jong Consultancy

Very glad I bought the software yesterday! I've seen my software company's support staff use Treesize. I'm personally always pretty hesitant about purchasing software. But after trying out the trial... MAN! It's night and day difference when compared to Windirstat.

The speed difference alone is incredible!

Thibault Molleman, Molleman De Coster BVBA

I've just tried a scan on a large bucket and it reported the results far quicker than I can get the results directly from the aws console!! Great work!! Amazing.

I remain super impressed with your work, thanks loads.

Charlie Daffarn, Omnicom Group IT | paige

TreeSize Professional from JAM Software is the most powerful program I’ve seen for analyzing how disk space is being used. My local hard drive, which is partitioned as a main C: partition and a supplementary D: partition, has almost 450,000 files using 665GB. The scan completed in 37 seconds!

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Chris Taylor, President and System Administrator, Ottawa PC Users' Group

Different Editions For Every Need

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Many visualizations to break down disk space usage


Support for network drives in Windows corporate networks


Automation options


Automatic and permanent storage of data


Recommended for very large directory trees and large server landscapes


Need To Continuously Monitor Storage?

TreeSize provides fast ad-hoc storage analysis and file management. But how do you keep a constant eye on your storage?

SpaceObServer takes it further by providing continuous monitoring and automated reporting of your storage, all within the familiar Look&Feel of TreeSize!

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Our on-premises software gives you maximum control over your data storage

Our on-premises software puts you back in control of your data. Our solutions work entirely without cloud services - your data always stays with you.

And to ensure GDPR compliance at all times, our servers are located in Germany, today and tomorrow.

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