The Powerful Disk Space Management Software

Find and Manage Files

The powerful TreeSize File Search grants you the ability to easily search your hard drives, whole servers, or even your entire network for files and folders.

You can export the results in various formats for reporting tasks or further processing. You may also manage the search results: move, copy, archive, delete, or rename the files.

In addition to the TreeSize main module, which helps you to understand where your disk space has gone to, the TreeSize File Search can assist you in cleaning up your had disks by identifying obsolete or redundant files.

Search your hard drive using our search types

You may also create fully customized searches that match the criteria you define and allow you to perform almost every search task.

TreeSize runs the search in multiple threads, that way the search is faster than in similar products and results appear immediately in the result lists.

TreeSize also enables you to exclude certain directory trees or file types from the search.

Improved Look & Feel

With the TreeSize v8.1, we introduced an enhanced custom file search with improved usability. Define an arbitrary combination of search criteria like file name, file size or file age using an intuitive search mask. Several search templates for typical tasks are provided, they can be used out-of-the-box or as starting point for own, more specific searches.

Search Automation

As a user of the Professional Edition you can run any operation offered in the TreeSize File Search automatically. TreeSize provides an easy to use interface for scheduling searches and exporting them.

For large volumes our database based disk space manager SpaceObServer can be the better choice, as it can answer many typical search questions right out of its database, without accessing the file system, and so is typically much faster.