Plan Hard Disk Scans With TreeSize

Most of the features that TreeSize offers can be scheduled and automatized so that they are executed in regular intervals. This goes for the features of the main program as well as for all the options of the File Search.

To do so, TreeSize offers a clear and easy to use user interface that will build the appropriate command line and creates the necessary Windows scheduled task. You can edit formerly created tasks in the same user interface. That way you can easily create an Excel-file or PDF-reports for your disk usage at predefined dates.

Planning scans in TreeSize is really easy. Watch the video and see how it's done!

How do I plan scans in TreeSize?

The task planner offers a variety of functions you can use to compose the planned tasks.

To create a task, you first need to enter the paths you want to scan. You can either type the folder name or use the selection menu. Use a blank space if you want to enter more than one path.

Once the path has been set you can choose between the following configuration pages:

  • Options: Contains general options, such as the scan path, sorting, or filter that you want to apply to your scan results.
  • Export: Allows defining in which formats you want to export your reports.
  • Move Operation (TreeSize File Search only): Search results can be moved automatically by this task. This option can be enabled and configured here.
  • Advanced:Provides advanced customization possibilities, such as a custom title for the export, or a different list separator.
  • Command line: Check the command line created from your settings. You can also copy the command line to the clipboard. You will find all command line parameters in our online manual.
  • Schedule: Here you can set up a date and time when the task should be executed.
  • List of Tasks: Shows a list of all TreeSize tasks that were created in the past.

Once the scan is planned, you can add the task to the Windows task scheduler via "Save Task".

Should TreeSize encounter any error while performing a planned scan, the errors will be noted in the Windows event log under "Applications".


You want to receive a report about the used disk space of your server via email (HTML) each Sunday. The report shall include the first level of all server drives and shall not only be sent to you but also saves as an XML file directly to the server (folder "Archive\Scans\"). You proceed like this:

1. You configure the SMTP mail server settings under "Extras > Options > Export > Email".

2. In the window "Task scheduler" on the page "Options" you select "XML file" and set the save path; then make sure to activate "Send email". To make sure that your files are not overwritten by later saves you activate the option "Add date and time to filenames".

3. Under "Options" you enter the UNC path like \\Server and decide that folders shall be expanded to level 1.

4. You select a weekly interval under "Schedule" and select "Sunday".

5. After you have saved the finished tasks, it will be listed under "All Tasks".