Make SEPA Payments Easier

  • Import payment data from Excel & Co.
  • Carry out transfers and direct debits as a collective order
  • Secure online banking guaranteed (FinTS/HBCI-compliant)

Many payments with just a few clicks

Manual processes for regular payments eat up unnecessary time. With SEPA-Transfer you make it easy for yourself and process multiple SEPA payments with just a few clicks!

Simply import payment data from Excel, for example, and immediately forward it to your bank - individually or as a collective order. Or automate recurring payments like salary transfers or membership fees directly - just as you need it!

Download the demo version now and try it out for yourself!

Data Import
Payment data import from Excel, text and CSV files, databases, SEPA XML files.
Run recurring processes partially or completely automated using command line parameters.
High Compliance With Standards
Support of SEPA standards in different versions, German HBCI/FinTS standard and EBICS (coming soon).

Visual Tour

SEPA-Transfer supports all common data formats for import and helps you to execute SEPA transactions even more efficiently.

You can either fill out the transfer form manually or easily import data.

The Import Wizard supports you when importing transaction data from different sources.

All data is clearly displayed again before export. You can thus see at a glance whether the transactions to be executed are correct.


SEPA-Transfer has been in use with us for 3 years and we are extremely satisfied with the software. It does what it promises, is safe and reliable. The price/performance ratio is also 100% right. The support service is always excellent. We will definitely recommend your company!


Guenter Winterlich, CEO Community Antenna Television, Germany

SEPA-Transfer is a great software, easy to use, visually appealing with many functions, at a reasonable price - a real recommendation!

Armin Bittner,

I would like to thank you for SEPA-Transfer, so you have virtually saved my life (:-)). I have just collected the membership fees of our association from the bank after Excel import of my open items! Perfect, THANK YOU!!!

Michael Lippke, MSC Osnabrück non-profit

Different Versions for Different Requirements

Icon SEPA-Transfer

SEPA-Transfer Small Business Edition

Different import formats (Excel, CSV, SEPA)
Easy import from databases (e.g. MS Access)
Process automation
Transaction log in Excel
SEPA purpose codes
SEPA Transfer Icon

SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition

Different import formats (Excel, CSV, SEPA)
Easy import from databases (e.g. MS Access)
Process automation
Transaction log in Excel
SEPA purpose codes

Easy first steps with SEPA-Transfer

SEPA-Transfer is an easy-to-use tool that can be learned in no time. Let us guide you through the first important steps with with SEPA-Transfer.

More Information and Documents

Get more information on functions of SEPA-Transfer, find out how our smart software works and have a look on our license information.