Visual Tour

Main Program

Bank Transfer Form

You can fill out the transfer form manually - just like with a paper template. Alternatively, you can import the data from various sources (e.g. CSV, Excel or text files). With the Enterprise Edition, you can import data from any ADO source (such as MS Access or MS SQL). If desired, a booking once entered can be saved as a template.

Account Settings

In the settings, you create the accounts to be managed and enter all relevant data. Here you define how online communication with the bank can be verified.

Import Wizard

The Import Wizard supports you in importing transaction data from different sources such as SEPA, text, CSV, Excel files, or from a database.

Import Export

All data is clearly presented again before export. You can thus see at a glance whether the transactions to be executed are correct.

Debit Settings

In the Direct Debit settings, select the type of direct debit and specify the printer type on which direct debits and SEPA mandates are to be printed. In the SEPA Transfer Enterprise Edition, you adapt templates in the integrated editor.

Turnover Query

SEPA-Transfer can retrieve your current account transactions from your bank. The displayed transactions can be filtered by payment debtor, purpose and other values and exported as Excel or PDF files.

Chart SEPA-Transfer Functionality