What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

With V11.0 we replaced the license key management with a more modern technique. Since it is a complete replacement, unfortunately your license keys will also change with V11.0. If you use the function "Check for update" in the ribbon bar "Help", SEPA-Transfer pulls the update itself and the new key comes automatically.

If a problem occurs here, you will find the download and your license key(s) in our customer area, as usual. For the Small Business Edition and the Enterprise Edition, there is now only one installation file. The edition is recognized by the license key.

What new features are planned for the near future?

Your opinion counts. Be part of the decision team and vote here for new SEPA-Transfer features.

Version 11.1

  • Improved behavior when exporting with different due dates: In online banking, bookings are now grouped and transferred to the bank based on the execution date. When exporting to a SEPA XML file, different execution dates are written to separate payment information blocks.
  • The booking history has been completely revised and improved. Die displayed bookings can now be filtered via the funnel symbol next to the caption of the corresponding column.
  • Checkboxes in the list of outstanding transactions on the left side make selection easier.
  • The list of outstanding transactions on the left side does now show the amount next to the name.
  • Errors of a transaction are now being displayed as a hint when moving the cursor over an invalid booking in the list of outstanding transactions on the left.
  • The width of the list of outstanding transactions is now saved.
  • The autocompletion of templates does now also insert the template when hitting the tabulator key.
  • When searching bookings, the element containing the search text is now framed in color.
  • When changing the execution date of several transactions it will now get corrected automatically for each transaction if an execution on the selected day is not possible.
  • BICs are no longer imported when importing a SEPA-XML file.
  • The expiry date of mandates can now be changed in the mandate management.
  • The default value when overwriting mandates is now always set in a way that existing mandates are being overwritten during import. (This only affects installations on a new system)
  • It is now possible to provide the BIC when setting up accounts for banks outside of Germany.
  • The library for online banking has been updated.
  • The Option for a batch booking (BatchBooking) can now also be used for online banking via command line (only Enterprise Edition). Important: Until now the last setting from the Export-Dialog was used during command line export. From this version on, if the command line parameter is not provided, the bookings will not be exported as a batch booking, meaning that the bookings will have separate entries in your account statement, if this is supported by your bank.
  • Minor optimizations were made to the graphical user interface.
  • An error during the import of SEPA-XML files with an address line has been fixed.
  • An error during the import of Excel files in which columns were not detected has been fixed.
  • Deletion of the search text in the template management does now no longer result in an empty list.

26 April 2023