SEPA-Transfer Changelog

What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

Version 10.4.4

  • Working with multiple recurring mandates per IBAN has been improved. Customers who use this should pay attention to cleanly assign mandate references and, if possible, should derive these from the contract number or customer number and import them as well.  
  • In the booking history, it is now possible to delete all entries for the selected account via a newly added button.  
  • Display problems in the Import Wizard, when screen scaling is enabled, have been fixed.  
  • When updating account transactions, in rare cases an error could occur due to too long texts. This problem has been fixed.  
  • CSV export of account activities via the user interface and the command line has been unified. (Enterprise Edition only)  
  • The path displayed in the export dialog is now the active path when using the button to display a path selection dialog.  
  • When entries were sent individually to the bank to appear individually in the account activities (available in Enterprise Edition only), some banks rejected them as double submissions. This problem has been fixed.  
  • The "Configure Online Banking" function in the settings dialog has been improved.
  • The libraries for online banking have been updated.
  • Some minor corrections and improvements have been made.

6 July 2021