SEPA-Transfer Changelog

What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

Version 10.3.2

  • An error was fixed that caused a temporary freezing of the program when too many entries were made in the booking history. This change also results in a speed-up of the program launch.
  • In the error list of the import wizard, missing IBANs are now correctly listed with "IBAN is empty”.
  • The Import Wizard now allows the import of one SEPA purpose code per booking. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • When reading a debit card, now always a direct debit is created. Previously, this depended on the transaction type (bank transfer or direct debit) that was added last. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • In the import wizard, the field "First direct debit date" has been removed, as it is no longer required in the current SEPA standard for recurring debits.
  • The command line parameter '-Command Account' now overwrites the account which was read from a configuration file for the import with the command line switch "-ImportSettings". (Enterprise Edition only)
  • An amount of 0€ is now automatically overwritten when editing and does not need to be deleted first.
  • The account transactions are now filtered by transaction date and not by value date. This ensures a more consistent display of the account activities.
  • Support for high-resolution monitors in multi-monitor scenarios has been improved.
  • The filter options of the booking history have been corrected and improved.
  • The order of the form fields in the main window has been optimized when traversing them with the TAB key.
  • When the transaction list is selected in the main window on the left, the CTRL+A keyboard shortcut will now correctly select all transactions.
  • The command line parameter "RemainOpen" now also works when other command line commands fail. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • A possible error when recognizing transactions in the clipboard has been fixed.
  • The unattended installation now also works for the Windows account "SYSTEM".
  • When printing transfers, the BIC is now printed instead of the own bank code, as provided on the current SEPA forms. The font is now bold throughout the entire form to simplify character recognition at the bank.
  • Non-allowed characters in imported mandate references are now automatically converted into valid characters.
  • Empty lines in CSV files no longer lead to empty entries during import.
  • If a file can no longer be opened during the last step of the import, an error message is now displayed.
  • If under "Settings > Advanced > Bank specific settings" the value for the maximum number of transactions is set to "1", the correct execution date of each transaction is now used. This function is useful when individual transactions should be listed separately in the account activities.
  • Templates are now no longer listed in the transaction history.
  • The margins set for printing are now taken into account again.

13 October 2020