SEPA-Transfer Changelog

What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

Version 10.4.2

  • If online banking fails, a more detailed feedback from the bank is now displayed. 
  • If an error occurs during online banking, there is now a new button that allows you to search our knowledge base for the error message. 
  • After the discount calculation, the application now automatically navigates to the "Edit" ribbon bar. 
  • Account activities: After changing the active account, the account activities of the selected account are  displayed again. 
  • The line selection during import matches again with the displayed line in the file. 
  • The discount dialog now allows the entry of lower-case letters, just like the purpose text. An error that occurred when filtering the mandates via the search field has been fixed. 
  • The import now supports other encodings besides ANSI, for example UTF-8. 
  • Entering an address for Monaco no longer results in an error. 
  • Account activities: Unnecessary spaces were inserted in the purpose text for some banks. This problem has been solved. 
  • Various minor corrections and improvements have been made. 

19 April 2021