SEPA-Transfer Changelog

What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

Version 10.5.2

  • A database error due to duplicate mandate references, which could lead to a crash when starting SEPA Transfer, has been fixed.

23 December 2021

Version 10.5.1

  • Fixed a possible error when converting the old templates to the new format.

21 December 2021

Version 10.5

  • The management of the templates for transfers and direct debits has been completely revised and improved: Templates can now be edited and there can be multiple templates for one IBAN. In addition, the templates of all accounts can now optionally be displayed, not only the active one.
  • The import now remembers all mapped columns regardless of the file name and will re-suggest the mapping in future imports.
  • It is now possible to import addresses that belong to the respective IBAN.
  • With the command line parameter "-DebitType b2b" it is now possible to change the type of direct debits of the active account to B2B direct debits. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The command line parameter "-Send" may now be used with the switch "-NoGUI". The dialogs required for entering the PIN and TAN are still displayed in this case, but otherwise no windows will be displayed. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The account transactions have been extended by the column "Booking type". This column contains the information whether the transaction is a credit or debit. The values displayed here origin from your bank.
  • The purpose of a direct debit is now printed on the mandates.
  • After creating and saving a direct debit, a button now appears temporarily in the main ribbon to print a mandate for this direct debit.
  • When creating direct debits from mandates in the mandate management, you are now asked for the purpose text that should be used.
  • It is now possible in the mandate management to create new direct debits from mandates that were previously used in another account.
  • The start line number of the CSV and Excel import is now set to the number of the first, non-empty line.
  • In case of failed online banking transactions, a more detailed feedback from the bank is now displayed.
  • Bugfix: When exporting a SEPA file, it could happen that a warning about overwriting an existing file was not displayed. This has been corrected. This warning can be deactivated in the dialog itself.
  • Invalid characters can now no longer be entered in the purpose.
  • Various minor corrections and improvements have been made.

Changed compatibilities

  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are no longer supported, so at least Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 is now required. Older versions of SEPA-Transfer that support older operating systems can be downloaded from our customer area.  

  • SEPA-Transfer now requires .NET Framework 4.8, which should already be installed on most systems via Windows Update. 

16 December 2021