SEPA-Transfer Changelog

What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

Version 10.4

  • The main form has been visually modernized and scaling on high-resolution monitors has been further improved.
  • The icons in the user interface have been visually modernized. They now also scale better on high-resolution monitors.
  • The feature that allows you to paste bookings from the clipboard has been improved and now recognizes even more data.
  • The start time has been accelerated.
  • The IBAN is now shown in the account transactions.
  • It is now possible to export the account transactions to a file via the command line. Use the command line parameter -command activities together with -startdate and -enddate. Optionally, specify the -fetch command line parameter to update the previous account transactions beforehand. This last parameter usually requires entering the PIN and, in some cases, a TAN. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • For a mandate, an amount can now be stored optionally as well.
  • IBAN, name, amount and address are now changeable in the mandate management.
  • Henceforth, payments to/from the UK will be treated the same as payments to/from other non-EU countries.
  • A transaction list may now not only be printed, but additionally be exported as a PDF file.
  • A rare error that could occur when retrieving account activities, whose supplied values were larger than specified in the SEPA specification, has been fixed.
  • Address data for direct debits to countries outside the European payment area can now also be exported for older SEPA file format versions.
  • An error that could occur when importing a SEPA Purpose Code that was too long has been fixed.
  • Importing IBANs with blanks at the end no longer results in an error.
  • Various minor corrections and improvements have been made.

11 January 2021