What is New in SEPA-Transfer?

With V11.0 we replaced the license key management with a more modern technique. Since it is a complete replacement, unfortunately your license keys will also change with V11.0. If you use the function "Check for update" in the ribbon bar "Help", SEPA-Transfer pulls the update itself and the new key comes automatically.

If a problem occurs here, you will find the download and your license key(s) in our customer area, as usual. For the Small Business Edition and the Enterprise Edition, there is now only one installation file. The edition is recognized by the license key.

What new features are planned for the near future?

Your opinion counts. Be part of the decision team and vote here for new SEPA-Transfer features.

Version 11.1.4

  • If there is no open booking, the option to fix the amount, purpose and execution date is ignored when creating a booking from a template via the auto-completion of the name.
  • An error that could occur when creating a booking from a template via the auto-completion of the name of a booking has been fixed.
  • An error that resets the input for the issue date of a mandate has been fixed.
  • A display error of the mandate reference in the export dialog has been fixed.
  • The end-to-end reference is now also exported when exporting recent transactions.
  • An error that created the data storage in an incorrect location has been fixed.
  • An error in the validation of IBANs has been fixed.
  • The texts for selecting the mandate type during import have been revised.
  • The library for online banking has been updated.

24 November 2023