SEPA Direct Debits and Bank Transfers

Import Excel Files for SEPA Bank Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits

You are documenting incoming and outgoing payments in Excel (.xls/.xlsx./.csv), but want to process payments using the SEPA format? Manually transferring the account data from the Excel format into transfer forms or into the online banking program takes too much of time. Let us show you how SEPA-Transfer acts like a SEPA converter - transforming Excel to SEPA!

Excel SEPA Converter

With the Excel import of SEPA-Transfer, you can import all account data from XLS files and send them to your bank in SEPA format. With just a few clicks, you can import all your account data and execute the transactions.

Tip: In the Enterprise Edition, you automate all processes via the command line! SEPA-Transfer transfers the account data from a database or Excel file automatically.

Upon completion of the transaction, SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition automatically creates an Excel log file, if desired, in which all relevant information is stored.

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