SEPA Direct Debit and Bank Transfers

Simplify Import, Automate Bank Transactions

In the SEPA-Transfer Enterprise Edition you can use command line commands to automate repeated bank transactions - for example the import of account data from a database or Excel file - without much effort.

SEPA-Transfer offers CMD and PowerShell syntax.

For example, if you import account data from a DTA file and want to transfer all open transactions in the selected account to your bank via HBCI/Fin TS (online banking), you can do this with the following command line:

.\SEPA-Transfer.exe -Command Import -File "C:\Pfad\zu\monatlichen\Daten.xls" -Type Debit -Command Send

Do you manage multiple accounts and want to make sure the right account is selected? Then, to select the desired account, use the parameter:

.\SEPA-Transfer.exe -Command Account -Name "Vereinskonto" -Command Import -File "C:\Pfad\zu\monatlichen\Daten.xls" -Type Debit -Command Send

You can specify the name of the account beforehand in the program settings.

Do you need to convert DTA files to the SEPA format? Read how easy it is!

Further information about command line parameters can be found in on the help page.